Hwende Causes Chaos In Chiredzi
6 August 2023
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CHIREDZI–Gibson Hwende, who turned independent after being dropped by his party during Chiredzi Central Constituency nominations, was reported for using opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) symbols.
Chiredzi CCC cluster leader Muchirairwa Mugidho said she reported the matter to the party leadership.

“Hwende wants to kill the CCC struggle and we have taken the case to higher authorities,” said Mugidho.
Hwende, however, said he had a right to use the party logo although he is independent because he said he won the party’s nominations while the party candidate Ropafadzo Makumire was imposed.

“I was selected by the citizens. I got nine out of 10 wards and the other candidate got six out of 10, however, certain individuals used their power to impose a candidate,” said Hwende… www.masvingomirror.com