NGO Denounces Violence
6 August 2023
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By A Correspondent

Violence is not the solution to the political crisis in the country, Petronellah Lilly Kwanisai the director of Girl Child Empowerment of Zimbabwe has said.

Kwanisai called for political tolerance and castigated violence against women. The recurrence of violence during elections has continuous negative ripple effects to the participation of women in electoral processes as the assumptions of an election being violent and intolerant of women are always evidence.

“As Masvingo residents and Zimbabwean
citizens we urge all political party leaders to continue preaching the gospel of dialogue and peace to
their supporters. Political leaders must take lead in denouncing violence in any part of the nation.

Unfortunately, women’s rights defenders are summoned, threatened, beaten and denied access to participate in the political arena. As a women’s rights defenders, we demand our space, opportunity to operate and participate in national processes without any threats, intimidation and closing our space.

Zimbabwe has seen so much violence over the past decades and it is high time political leaders should promote national peace, healing and tolerance.

Our voices are suppressed as each day passes, we are threatened with land evictions in Chiredzi and Mwenezi without proper consultations. We urge the government of the day to understand that women’s rights are human rights,” said Kwanisai.