Chiwanza changing the face of Mhondoro-Mubaira
8 August 2023
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By A Correspondent| Businessman and entrepreneur, Dr Chamu Chiwanza is known in the business sector as an astute businessman and he has now channeled his proceeds to improve people’s lives in Mhondoro-Mubaira constituency where he is set to represent Zanu PF during this month’s election.

Even the opposition is now finding it difficult to penetrate the constituency as Chiwanza is now becoming the darling of masses in the constituency.

He has paid school fees for children in 13 wards as he seek to develop the constituency.

Recently the aspiring MP gave 20 bags of cement at every school in all 13 wards.

He is also embarking on various projects including building of schools and bridges.

In line with his party’s mantra leaving no one behind Chiwanza is interacting with everyone at grassroots level through his polling station based campaigns were he has managed to consolidate power.

In all his address, bakers inn bread and TN bakery Van has been seen distributing bread to every voter.

Even CCC leader Nelson Chamisa failed to pull a huge crowd during his rally in Mhondoro Mubaira. On Monday CCC failed to gather 400 people and they were shocked by the outcome.

“We are working for the people, people do not want promises but they want something they see. I am putting my money to improve the lives of people. We are doing this to make sure that the party and the President win resoundingly during the upcoming election. The opposition has no chance of winning this constituency,”Chiwanza said.