Special Tribute To Tinashe Chitsungo
8 August 2023
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Today we will lay Tinashe Chitsungo in his final resting place, a young man who never tasted or witnessed a good life.
Brutally murdered by agents of a tyrant familiar with murder and controversy. Sad it is that he leaves behind a young wife aged 27 and 2 kids aged 11 and 4.
Violence has never brought peace instead the country still mourns of Gukurahundi wounds left by those in power and authority but lack legitimacy.
Moreblessing Ali died in the same hands of those affiliated to the regime and instead those who advocated for justice still languish in the dangeouns of Chikurubhi.
Hon Job Sikhala a member of Parliament has been unjustly incarcerated for asking those in the Highest office to act on murderers under the Political banner of the illegitimate authority.
As a mother and Politician I ask for PEACE and justice for the slain activists and an immediate release of jailed Politician and Lawyer Job Sikhala.

In Tinashe Chitsungo a life has been lost, a family man has been robbed , vulnerable children have been orphaned and the nation has lost man.
2023 23 August the nation must VOTE in remembrance of those who died in the hands of the current Government like Tinashe Chitsungo, Moreblessing Ali, Mboneni, Sylvia Matambo and Peter Munetsi all who got denied their right to life by none other than those who are seeking reelection.
Ngaapinde Hake Mkomana. A yellow dawn is near and dusk shall pass. A new Great Zimbabwe is imminent.

Chido Hamauswa is a PR Council Representative and a renowned business woman.