Chamisa Attacked By Mount Everarrest Druglords
10 August 2023
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COMMENT- By Simba Chikanza | I don’t think Nelson Chamisa is foolish to be a churcheeistic politician running a churcheeistic (88%) population. @nelsonchamisa doesn’t have weapons so to blame him for arms caches like the state tried on Joshua Nkomo. With Nkomo they said he has too many guns so they created the arms cache fake news, with Chamisa they say he has too much ‘church caches’ stashed inside his manifesto. Zimbabweans have always been churcheeistic, that’s why their first PM was a churcheeist, and all politics is churcheeistic in nature and practice. A leader doesn’t impose their views on a community that lives in their own way. Those who deride Chamisa who’s so far done well in a dictatorship that’s 2nd only to Russia/Belarus, after reading a small part of his manifesto, are either unwise, or they are the very same Govt that’s busy trying create a new arms-cache theory; They are the notorious folk whose only achievement in life is getting arrested and re arrested in a bribery country that hosts the world’s highest mountain located somewhere in Harare, “Mount Ever-Arrest,” climbed by a small number of very-clever anti corruption activists, the first being Emmerson Mnangagwa between 1960 and 2017, followed by other award winners. YOU CAN GO AHEAD AND NAME THEM HERE …