Zim Economic Movement Condemns Mutsvangwa’s Call to Arms | Full Text
12 August 2023
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In response to a recent call by Chris Mutsvangwa, a senior official within Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF party, for dissatisfied individuals to “go to war” if unhappy with the current government, the Zimbabwean Economic Movement has issued a strong condemnation.

Mutsvangwa’s statement was delivered during a discussion focused on Zimbabwe’s upcoming 2023 elections, held at Chatham House, a renowned platform for international affairs dialogue. He urged those discontented with the government’s policies to emulate historical instances of conflict, specifically the struggle against Ian Smith’s regime.

However, the Zimbabwean Economic Movement, representing a peaceful stance advocating for the rights of the people, firmly denounced the call to arms. The movement asserts that it seeks change through nonviolent means and envisions a government that prioritizes accountability and the enhancement of Zimbabweans’ quality of life.

In an official statement, the Zimbabwean Economic Movement criticized Mutsvangwa’s remarks as a potential strategy to suppress critical voices by means of intimidation. The movement expressed deep concern over the senior party official’s statement, highlighting the chilling effect it could have on individuals advocating for change within the nation.

Emphasizing a commitment to peaceful change, the Zimbabwean Economic Movement called upon Mutsvangwa to retract his statement and extend an apology to the nation’s citizens. Furthermore, the movement implored the international community to denounce Mutsvangwa’s remarks, while also rallying support for the democratic aspirations and pursuit of justice by the Zimbabwean people.

Having garnered growing support across the country, the Zimbabwean Economic Movement remains steadfast in its mission for a more promising national future. Resolute in its nonviolent approach, the movement refuses to be deterred by threats of violence, remaining dedicated to reshaping Zimbabwe’s destiny through peaceful means.

The Zimbabwean Economic Movement presents itself as a beacon of hope for a nation yearning for transformation. Driven by a vision of an improved future for all Zimbabweans, the movement vows to persist until its objectives are realized.