Chamisa Predicts Holy-Ten’s Down-Fall
14 August 2023
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By-The leader of the opposition CCC, Nelson Chamisa, has predicted the downfall of hip-hop artist Holy Ten should he continue associating with the ruling party.

Chamisa said Holy Ten might lose the support of young people if he continues to endorse Zanu-PF. 

Chamisa’s comments follow Holy Ten’s endorsement of President Emmerson Mnangagwa ahead of the upcoming general elections.

In an interview with an online publication, Chamisa stated that Holy Ten’s association with Zanu-PF would not be advantageous for him. Chamisa questioned whether Holy Ten’s appeal to the youth would surpass that of the opposition, emphasising the importance of understanding the prevailing circumstances. He said:

You think Holy Ten would appeal to youths more than we have? If you believe that, you must be living on another planet, come to the earth and appreciate the circumstances.

Holy Ten must be holy, otherwise his unholy alliances are not going to benefit him, he will lose support because young people do not align with what he is supporting.

Young people do not want this kind of misery and darkness. Holy Ten please be Holy and support holiness.

According to Chamisa, young people desire a departure from the hardships and darkness they associate with the ruling party.

Meanwhile, Holy Ten has faced criticism after a video in which he praises Zanu-PF’s projects from the past five years went viral on social media. One of the people who criticised Holy Ten is journalist Hopewell Chin’ono who said while the musician has the right to support whomever he chooses, it is up to the people of Zimbabwe to decide if they want to continue supporting an artist who aligns with a regime that has imprisoned political opponents like Job Sikhala without conviction.