ED Mnangagwa Deserves Your Vote – Mavaza
15 August 2023
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | At the start of his presidency Emerson Mnangagwa said he would spend a lot of time listening as he hit the ground running. That’s what he has done over the last five years, and that’s what he has done over the last five weeks as he hit the provinces campaigning.
Not listening to vested interests. Not listening to millionaires trying to buy influence. Not listening to highly selective focus groups no not those, but
listening to ordinary people of Zimbabwe. Listening to their concerns about education ,
Listening to their fears about the health system, listening to their disillusionment with politicians who break their promises and betray their trust. The ZANU PF primary elections bears witness to that. There weee no sacred cows people were allowed to select those they want and not recycle the chuff. MNANGAGWA has learnt from the people that they want politicians to stand up and address the issues that matter to them. The issues of the future of the country tje issues of bread and butter. Mnangagwa knows that people want commitments that are clear and costed.They want leadership they can trust.
Zimbabwe is left with seven years to achieve a middle income economy which is by 2030. This is not only a slogan but the reality which is coming true. There are now less than ten days to 23 August 2023.
And there is just one week left to determine the direction we take in those seven years. One week to turn this into a campaign that sets Zimbabwe on the right course for the years ahead.
One week to turn this into a campaign that focuses on the long term.
One week to turn this into a campaign about the issues that matter to people.`
During the campaign we have witnessed a barrage of lies and distortions from the opposition the like of which we have never seen before.we have seen detractors and spies packaged as election observers flooding our nation.
As we speak EU has booked the entire 4th Floor, of holiday inn Harare turned it into offices & Elections Information Hub. Also, EU has hired all the Toyota Fortuners from Car Rentals.
Furthermore, several hotels country wide are fully booked with guests from Western Countries & Western Institutions. This tells us clearly that Zimbabwe is very important & valuable to the West than what an ordinary Zimbabwean think. With all the countries flocking to our country it should raise a flag which tells us that we are at war. These elections we must approach them as our fight for continuation of independence.
We must not be fooled the Westerners have more Interests in Zimbabwe than ordinary Zimbabweans themselves. That’s why the opposition is paid to bring them back. CHAMISA has said it several times and it is true that if we vote wrongly our hard earned independence will be snatched off our feet. This must never be allowed to happen not on our watch. There is more into these upcoming Elections than what meets the eye of an ordinary Zimbabwean citizen. Zimbabwe is under threat we must open our eyes and see this. We must vote for ED to preserve our freedom.
We don’t need to plaster our message on billboards. With the ZANU PF you know what you are going to get, because you can already see it in action. You don’t have to judge us by what we say. You can judge us by what we do. And what we’re already doing look at how many dams we constructed in five years how many roads we constructed in five years look at Beitbridge look at our airports just look around you all this is the best advertisement there is.
That’s why we are so proud to ZANU PF. Highlighting the outstanding success achieved by the PARTY under ED.
And my message to you today is simple. “You’ve got a winning team. Keep it!”
Keep the team for development and for our future. Keep the team for rengangement ED has been opening the doors which were closed. As a country under ED we have adopted a marxim “A friend to all and an Enemy to none”. Working day and night for the country our First Lady became the first high profile Zimbabwean to be invited to the UK the city of Cambridge.
Keep the team for efficiency – who have stripped away bureaucracy in the provinces saving millions of dollars while still bringing government closer to people with devolved area committees under devolution.
And keep the team who are backing local industry and securing local jobs – building strong private-public partnerships and winning funding for projects like the mining, farming and many projects. There is a clear choice on 23rd August 2023.
Liberal Democrats or Labour.
The new dispensation’s approach is working with local people, listening, building partnerships and developing the country.
Or the CCC approach secretive, centralist, “we know best” – yet so often characterised by financial chaos, incompetence and sleaze corruption and being handled and used by foreigners.
CCC orMDC a once great vessel, now disabled by some strange and unnerving disaster. Eerily silent. Drifting aimlessly on with no hand on the tiller.
No-one on deck. No charts to steer by. The crew have mutinied. The Captain and his officers have abandoned the bridge – and handed it over to one of the midshipman. And all that’s left is a motley, rag bag collection; a crew so anonymous you’ll see stowaways with higher profiles but no direction No Constitution and no policy no structure full of nothing.
And so CCC blow with the wind – drifting, from one day to the next.
One day they’re implacably opposed to the Single Currency. The next they say maybe.
One day they say constitutional Rule will strengthen democracy The next they’re tuning a party without any. One day they dismiss the idea of devolution out of hand. The next they’ve decided to campaign for it. The best way of describing CCC’s policies is “dog’s breakfast”.
After twenty five years in opposition CCC got very cosy with all that second fiddle and they’re now more frightened than ever of losing their grip on it as they are about to be placed safely in a political dust bin. And when the opposition Parties get frightened, they get negative, and they get nasty. Instead of engaging in honest elections they will put up thousands of posters, distorting the truth and crying violence.
Well, we will not be cowed. The best antidote to negative CCC campaigning is to fight positively on our programme for Zimbabwe.
To make the campaign in this last week a campaign the Zimbabwean people can be proud of.
And our Party has a duty to make that happen. To offer people a good choice.
The investment to give our children the best possible education and future.
Clear, costed commitments to protect and improve our health system. Stability and long-term investment for business success.
Cleaner air and water, and a greener environment is what we will get with ED and ZANU PF.
The guarantee of freedom and total independence can only be made by those who brought independence in the first place.
Over the last five years, ZANU PF have proved that they can be trusted. Over the last five weeks, CCC have failed to prove that they are worthy of our trust. Voting ED will be a victory for your children and grandchildren.
A victory for your schools and hospitals.
A victory for you.There is only one way to make your vote count. And that is to vote for what you want. To vote for what you believe.And if you believe, like I do, that in the next Parliament, we’ve got to protect our independence our freedom our Health Service, we’ve got to look after our environment, and that above all else, we’ve got to launch the biggest, most committed drive to improve education that we have ever seen, then the vote that counts the vote that makes the difference, the invested ‘vote’, is the ED and ZANU PF vote.
If you want better schools, then the only way you will get them is by voting ED. If you want doctors and nurses in our hospitals, then the only way you will get them is by voting ED.
You see, when the fog clears, there’s really very little to choose between CCC and MDC.
The CCC Party has decided to fight this election on the awe-inspiring message: Ngaapimde hake Mukomana” To elect CCC at this election would be a mass triumph of hope over experience. HOPE is not enough we need what we have experienced.
If you want a change of direction, not just a change of government – then don’t waste your vote just vote ED he has already changed the direction of the country. Zimbabwe is now headed for glory and your vote is very important.
If you want new priorities in Zimbabwe not just politics as usual – then don’t waste your vote just vote ED.
Don’t be conned into voting from lies by the CCC
Vote for the things you believe in and things you have seen.
Make your vote the vote which brought ED back to power for his second term.To continue his battle for progress and reform.
Now, as then, this country is faced with a stark choice.
Now, as then, it is time for a choice.
A choice for the future of our nation.
A choice for a new politics.
A choice for new opportunities.

Now, as we prepare for the election we need a new crusade- to build a country fit for our children and grandchildren.
This is our way forward.
Building opportunities – for work, for study, for fulfilment.
Investing in quality public services.
Providing security, safety and confidence – for the old and the sick and the vulnerable. Allowing Zimbabweans to take control over their own lives and their own communities.
And, most of all, educational excellence.
This is not a promise of what we will do. It’s the record of what we have done – and a statement of what we want to continue doing.
you can already see the evidence around you.
ZANUPF is already are making the difference.
And with your support, we can go on making the difference. ZIMBABWE is the only country we can call ours in the whole world. Like my great cde and a good man Brg Gen Zabanyana will say. ZANU IWE NENI TINE BASA.
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