Do You Know Air Conditioning Is Good For Your Health?
16 August 2023
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Business Correspondent

PhillAir has been in the air conditioning business providing comfort in homes, banks, universities, hospitals and a lot of other establishments, as a token to our valued customers we want to focus on information sharing. Today we are focusing on a common but usually “silent” subject which is Automobile/ Car Air Conditioning.

Automobile air conditioning is a very essential part of the modern day life as every vehicle is coming equipped with one to provide comfort and make driving more comfortable.

There’s countless benefits that come with it and you are not limited to what colours to wear because sweating is out of the way.

At PhillAir we have mastered the art over years of practice and learning and yes we found a better way of making sure you stay comfortable in your vehicle no matter the weather.

Under our brand is a lot of top of the range Automobile AC service kits, accessories, spares(ranging from compressors, evaporators, condensers, pipe kits) and we have the toolage to go with it.

Our team is skilled enough to give you the professional service you deserve and also offer tutorials on how your climate control works.

Ooh yes not to forget the fresheners that give an everlasting aura in your vehicle whilst you drive, remember most people spend most of their awake time behind the wheel hence the need to make sure you feel good and smell the aroma of your choice.

PhillAir welcomes you to a world of possibilities, unlimited potential and yes with us you get to enjoy to the last cent. Feel the breeze with PhillAir your number1 partner in Automobile AC.

One more thing, we move with the times and we have what it takes to handle the modern 1234yf loaded cars, just bring your problems to us and yes handling and solving them is our passion