President Chamisa Slams Notorious CALA
18 August 2023
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Compiled by CCC

Mbire Community Meeting: President Chamisa Summary Speech

President Nelson Chamisa delivered a powerful speech today at a local community meeting in Mbire, Mashonaland Central Province. Despite facing intimidation, harassment, and attempts to disrupt the meeting by members of FAZ and the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the resilient crowd gathered courageously. The President expressed his deep appreciation for their bravery and unwavering support for the CCC and his candidacy, even in the face of adversity.

President Chamisa made several pledges to the people of Mbire. He promised to prioritize local development by constructing schools, hospitals, technical colleges, cotton ginneries, and factories for processing cotton. This would not only create local jobs but also stimulate economic growth in the area. Additionally, he pledged to establish a plant for processing local wild fruits like masawu, which could be used to produce wine and juice.

Recognizing the struggles of local farmers, the President vowed to restore the value of their cash crop, cotton, ensuring that their hard work would be rewarded by paying USD1 per kg. He also outlined other commitments, including free primary education, replacing the current CALA curriculum with a new one, abolishing exam fees, installing solar boreholes in rural areas, providing one tractor per village, and establishing one hospital per district and one clinic per village.

President Chamisa stressed the importance of remaining focused and encouraged the people to turn out in large numbers on August 23rd to vote for a new Zimbabwe that benefits everyone. He assured them of victory even under the most difficult circumstances.