Mnangagwa Punishing Parents Through CALA – President Chamisa
19 August 2023
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Bindura North RALLY – President Nelson Chamisa’s Summary Speech

On Friday, President Nelson Chamisa concluded his visit to Mashonaland Central Province by holding a constituency rally in Bindura North. Despite facing challenges such as banned rallies and disruptions by the police and a Zanu PF outfit called FAZ, he bravely addressed the citizens, demonstrating his commitment and dedication to a better Zimbabwe.

During his speech, President Chamisa acknowledged the bravery and resilience of the people of Mashonaland Central in the face of violence and intimidation from Zanu PF. As a gesture of appreciation, he pledged to hold the first victory celebration rally in Mashonaland Central after the elections on August 23rd. He also promised to compensate victims of violence in the province and stressed the importance of reconciliation, particularly in relation to the 2008 violence under the illegal operation #WavhoteraPapi, which resulted in the deaths and torture of hundreds of people and property destruction.

President Chamisa outlined his government’s plans to abolish the tribal basis for naming provinces and replace them with non-tribal regions. He pledged to establish five regions instead of the current ten provinces, with Bindura becoming the city of the Northern region. He envisioned Bindura as a thriving city with mining and processing of nickel, gold, and other minerals, creating employment opportunities and stimulating economic growth in the region.

The President also pledged to promote agricultural production by ensuring fair returns for wheat, maize, soya beans, and cotton farmers in the region. To protect farmers’ land rights, his government would issue title deeds to all farmers, including resettled ones. He assured farmers that his government would not displace them or take away their land, urging them to disregard false reports from Zanu PF elements.

President Chamisa took the opportunity to share his party’s manifesto, the New Zimbabwe blueprint, which outlined plans for economic restoration through infrastructure improvement, tax reform, communication network development, and power generation. The manifesto also addressed social services, including healthcare, education, pensions, and civil servants’ salaries.

In the education sector, the President promised free primary education, the abolition of exam fees, and the replacement of the CALA curriculum with a modern and citizen-oriented one. In healthcare, he pledged free maternal healthcare, improved facilities, and free healthcare for senior citizens. Civil servants would receive a decent living wage, and pensioners would be compensated for losses incurred due to the current government’s policies. The President also emphasized the need to restore the dignity of war veterans.

President Chamisa’s speech showcased his commitment to addressing persecution, violence, ensuring land ownership rights, promoting economic growth, and improving social services in Mashonaland Central and beyond.