Irate Mupfumi Blasts Voters
1 September 2023
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MUTARE-Zanu PF Mutare Central constituency losing candidate Isau Mupfumi has raked the Mutare electorate over the coals for voting Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) and described them as sellouts following his recent defeat.

Mupfumi got a paltry 5 010 votes against 15 628 votes for CCC candidate and former Mutare City Mayor Brian James.

He said the electorate in the constituency wants to receive handouts from Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) with a regime change agenda. He said the electorate is selling the country and forgets that their forefathers died to liberate it.

“The majority of people in Mutare Central chose to sell the country, that our forefathers and mothers fought and died for during the liberation struggle.

This country did not come on a silver platter, it was paid for in full measure and with ultimate sacrifice of blood and life but the majority have sold out for a plate of porridge because they receive from NGOs whose agenda is for regime change.

“We will open your minds and eyes so that you see their true colours. I thank everyone who voted for me.

Let’s not be discouraged by the outcome. We will continue working with you and remain supportive as always,” reads part of the message.

James said he would release a statement in due course when contacted for a comment by Chipinge Times…