I Can Perform Manhood Enlargement Miracle
5 September 2023
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By A Correspondent

The well know spiritualist Isaac Makomichi of Masvingo has reportedly said someone with a small manhood must not be allowed to get married, as it causes the wife to suffer from what he described as bedroom hunger.

This prophet is known for saving love affairs and distributing rich charms. Last month Makomichi made headlines after he was reportedly bitten by a crocodile in Kariba while “walking on water for 6 seconds”.

Many people testify that they have been helped by Makomichi, and many women say that their love life has become sweet thanks to the help given to them by the half sangoma and half prophet. Politicians also frequently visit his house looking for luck prayers and charms of power.

The pubilc says this prophet is helpful, but his miracles of walking on water and moving mountains have caused some churches and prophets to call him Satan’s agent.

Makomichi has said that every man with a small p*nis should not get married before coming to him for the manhood enlargement miracle, which is said to be the reason many men are now armed with big manhood through Makomichi’s enlargment charm.

He also said people who want p*nis enlargement must contact him on his number +263777469342.

“I’m so happy because I was just 7 centimeters but I’m now 14 centimetres, my wife is also happy. He knows what he is doing, he is real prophet from God,” said Luckson who claimed his manhood was enlarged by Papa Makomichi.

Some pastors condemned Makomichi’s manhood miracle saying people must accept their conditions despite circumstances.