Create the SADC Dollar, Demand a Rerun of Elections in Zimbabwe, and Defend African Sovereignty
7 September 2023
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By Divine Mafa | To the Leaders of the SADC Region and Our Fellow Africans,

We write today with urgency and unwavering resolve, driven by our deep concern for the future of Africa. Our primary objective is to emphasize the urgent need to create a SADC dollar. This proposal is of paramount importance and presents a vital opportunity for our region to secure its sovereignty, prosperity, and self-determination.

Zim dollar in 1980 – file pic

**Creating the SADC Dollar**: Our foremost concern is to advocate for the creation of a SADC dollar. This initiative demands our immediate attention and action. The establishment of a SADC currency is a critical step towards realizing our economic independence and safeguarding our future.

**Demanding a Rerun of Elections in Zimbabwe**: In addition to the SADC dollar, we demand a rerun of elections in Zimbabwe. Recent elections in Zimbabwe serve as a stark example of foreign interference. The constitutional crisis and allegations of rigged elections on August 23rd, which even international observers deemed not free and fair, cannot be ignored. These issues have been deliberately orchestrated to subject Zimbabwe to BRICS influence.

**Illegal Financial Contributions**: It is alarming to note that illegal campaign contributions, totaling up to $3 billion, were used in the elections in Zimbabwe. Debit cards, disguised as membership cards, were given to supporters, allowing them to receive cash secretly. This clandestine operation is a grave violation of our democratic processes. As noted by international observers, such activities eroded the credibility of the polls.

**Challenges to Zimbabwe’s Economic Recovery**: Zimbabwe’s economic crisis and political instability, as highlighted by international observers, have adverse consequences not only for Zimbabwe but for the entire region. The region’s deep-seated economic crisis could potentially plunge the whole region into turmoil.

**A Call to Hold BRICS Accountable for Manipulating Elections**: While we emphasize the creation of the SADC dollar, the demand for fair elections in Zimbabwe, and the exposure of illegal financial contributions, we cannot ignore the significant role played by BRICS nations, particularly Russia and China, in the political turmoil and manipulation of elections within Zimbabwe and across the African continent. It is imperative to address this interference in our democratic processes.

**A Corrupt Partnership**: BRICS, once seen as potential partners, have become architects of chaos, undermining the democratic processes of African nations. We must recognize that they are not our allies in any way, shape, or form.

**Reclaiming African Leadership**: It is time for us, proud Africans, to reassert our leadership and sovereignty. We must boldly stand up for Africa’s interests and future. We reject any attempts to exploit our region for their geopolitical gains.

**The People’s Resolve**: We want to make it abundantly clear that Zimbabwe and other African nations will not stand idly by. Our citizens are resolute and prepared to take action. We are not merely making suggestions; this is a demand, a warning.

**Growing African Solidarity**: Our organization, comprising 100,000 brilliant Africans worldwide, is rapidly expanding, becoming the fastest-growing movement in Africa. The message is clear: we cannot be underestimated. We are united in our demand to break free from BRICS, create the SADC dollar, demand a rerun of elections, and restore Zimbabwe now, after 43 years of hardship and struggle.

The time for action is now, and we urge our leaders to heed this call. Zimbabwe and Africa must no longer be pawns in foreign agendas. We must prioritize our sovereignty, demand a rerun of elections, create the SADC dollar, and determine our own destiny.


WaMwari Devine Chaminuka Mafa
Founder – Zimbabwe Economic Movement of Africa (ZEM)