LAWFARE OR LAW FAIR? Open Letter To Fellow Zimbabweans
12 September 2023
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Dear Brothers and Sisters
Many of you might remember my Father Victor Eric Cohen from Cone Textiles then later of
course from Waverley Blankets and Plastics.

Most of you might be very surprised to learn that two of Victor Eric Cohen’s daughters and
his beloved PA Doreen Eeson have received absolutely not one dollar from the shares that
Mr Cohen Cohen gifted us. There has been a black and white trail of fraud, forgeries and of
course the most obvious. Non payment of dividends and Directors Fees.

In this epic and extremely sad case total lawfare has been launched against myself Amanda
Berkowitz (nee Cohen). Why? If what I purport in terms of irregular company documents
and share transfers is true why not see me in court and let Aron Vico and Company
Secretary Laxi Boddapati prove me wrong? As well as the other defraudees such as Maxwell Maheya and Lynette Mutema, so-called company consultants who registered tens and tens of documents at Companies Registry bearing fake signatures.

11 September marked my 18th arrest attempt. In a bid to intimidate and harass me
instead of actually carrying out my Father’s wishes and let us benefit from our inheritance.

At the Rotten Row Magistrates Court my case was brought forward. My name was
called thrice. And, I was not there. Prosecutor Reza in front of Magistrate Muchuchuti
summarily issued a Warrant for my Arrest. Yet, the day was Monday, the 11th of September I was only due in Court on the 15th of September.

This is not the first time this has happened to me. I know very well how the system operates.

My fellow Zimbabweans if you are in my position with an opponent using lawfare tactics
these are the types of events that happen. I appeared in front of Magistrate
Muchuchuti and Prosecutor Masekoti and had the unjust Warrant cancelled.

18th Arrest attempt. This includes being arrested and arraigned at Mbare Courts for calling
Aron Vico a thief (mbavha). And, upon being chased out of my company a gayboy – which my
Father said he was. This only after I told him he had stolen all of our shares and money
which my Father gifted us and Vico replied “Well, he is not here anymore!”.

Fellow Zimbabweans I was sentenced. Acquitted of calling Vico a thief as evidence was
overwhelming, but, convicted for calling him a gayboy. Any aunt whose nephew has
commandeered all of her inheritance would react in the same way. A six month sentence.

105 hours community service instead of the habitual fine. That is ‘thanks’ to my erstwhile
lawyer, and 3 months suspended for five years. The High Court denied the order of my
appeal (which I lost predictably) so that I could register my Constitutional Appeal. It was
released on the 5th July 2022 and various letters from the High Court after this date say the Judges are away and other excuses. The end result. Arrested (one of the 18) and even
locked in Chikurubi Maximum for defaulting on my community service. However, the order
issued on the 5th July was denied to me. Prosecutor Chikoto baying for my incarceration.

I was put into Chikurubi on the 16 August 2022. Really? Whilst Vico is acquitted in a hard-won Private Prosecution on a loophole. Companies Registry was not a legal person before 2019 and the charges cite that various fraudulent documents were registered by Vico in 2017.

So therefore there was no crime and no damages occurred. Curious.