Netizens react to ED cabinet appointments
13 September 2023
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A compilation by a local publication reveals the early reactions to the new cabinet appointments by ED.

Ranga Mberi (Journalist)

I’m surprised anyone in Cabinet kept their jobs. But also I’m not surprised.

Brighton Mutebuka (Politics Analyst):

You do not have to be ED’s arch critic to discern that the Cabinet that he has appointed is lightweight, uninspiring, underwhelming & ill-equipped to deal with the pressing political & economic questions of the day. It has got all the hallmarks of Robert Mugabe’s last Cabinet at the height of the coup!

Temba Maseko

With ED inauguration, Mps & Clrs ( including those form CCC) sworn in , and Cabinet announced is a political settlement with Chamisa still possible apa ?

Thabani Mpofu (CCC Lawyer):

Dear War Veterans

There are 3 Mnangagwa’s….3 as in 1,2,3 in Mnangagwa’s cabinet. Three.

Is this what you fought for?


Your liberated son

Hon. Vangelis Peter Haritatos (appointed deputy minister of Lands and Agriculture):

What a great honour to continue to serve in the same life changing, transformation team.

We still have so much to do & I am so grateful to His Excellency President Mnangagwa for this amazing vote of confidence.

A true honour & privilege to continue to serve our Great Nation.

Nick Mangwana (Zimbabwe Information ministry)

We are lucky when in the election of MPs there are people with professional qualifications and good experience in the pool the President has to pick Ministers from. If some of those happen to be related to him, that doesn’t disqualify them for nomination on that basis only. They are also Zimbabweans.

Fadzayi Mahere (CCC MP):

Christopher Mutsvangwa was fired by war vets for lacking accountability & professionalism. Today, he was purportedly made their minister. He recently said that anyone who wants reform in Zimbabwe must go to war.

Barbara Rwodzi called a (ZRP) officer a “dog,” “an idiot” & “a fool” for refusing to drop a criminal case against a Zanu PF member. She threatened to deal with said officer. The whereabouts of the sis officer remain unclear. Today, she was appointed Minister of Tourism.

Mduduzi Mathuthu (journalist on why CCC released no statement on Cabinet):

It cannot be that Mnangagwa does his announcement and the main opposition has no immediate response

Jaqueline Sande (Zanu-PF Activist):

We expected this. No change at the most important Ministry. It’s suffer continua for Zimbabweans as Mthuli pursues IMF economics at the expense of the majority of Zimbabweans who are vulnerable and marginalised.

The President’s son as deputy 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ This one I did not see coming

Hopewell Chin’ono (Journalist & Activist)

President Mnangagwa has named probably the worst cabinet in Zimbabwe’s history retaining Mthuli Ncube as Finance Minister and the worst ever sports minister, Kirst Coventry.

He also named his son Kudakwashe David Mnangagwa as deputy Finance minister, Barbara Rwodzi as Tourism minister and his side luck Owen Mudha Ncube as Midlands provincial minister.

He also named his nephew Tongai Mnangagwa as deputy minister.

Dr. Denver

What in the actual world is Sthembiso Nyoni doing in a cabinet in the 21st Century?