Breaking News Don’t Do It, Man (73) Dies After Manhood Enlargement Goes Wrong ?
14 September 2023
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By A Correspondent

The police are said to have arrested a prophet accused of causing the death a man from Harare, Simon Chandomba (73).

Chandomba is said to have gone to Prophet Isaac Makomichi of Masvingo looking for black magic charms to enlarge his manhood. It is said that Chandomba was given a flower that he was told to urinate on, then plant it in the yard and cut it when his manhood has grown to what he wants.

His grandchildren are said to have taken a flower and thrown it into the sewage river without knowing what it was for.

Chandomba’s manhood began to grow until he was in pain, which led to him being taken to a hospital in South Africa where he is said to have died of high blood pressure.

His relatives came with the police and arrested Prophet Isaac Makomichi. Simon’s wife is said to have said that the man of God should not be arrested because he is innocent.

This prophet is known for his love potion which is said to have helped thousands of people who testify that their love life has become best when they used this love potion, while business people and political figures always go to Makomichi for luck charms. Most churches say that they encourage men to be satisfied with the size of manhood that God has given them because if you fail to use this charm properly, you will have a big problem.

“This prophet is the one who caused my brother to die, my brother is said to have taken this flower two weeks ago but three days ago his manhood was already extra ordinary, when we looked for him (Papa Makomichi) to resolve this matter he was said to be absent, I see that my brother’s wife was also involved in the matter and that is why she dont want the evil prophet to rot in jail for capable homicide, people should not take such juju if they know that they will not be able to do what is required because I have already lost my brother due to high blood pressure which I think was caused by his manhood that was longer than the cooking stick” said Tapiwa who claims to be Simon’s brother.

“Contact prophet Makomichi on his number +263777469342 I don’t know anything about that story, ask him, don’t call me again” Makomichi’s spokesperson Miss Tesnita was not immediately available for a comment.

Makomichi is being accused of using secret powers to perform miracle, some church leaders calls Makomichi a charlatan who hides in white clothes.