ZBC’s Anti SADC Documentary Backfires On Mnangagwa
17 September 2023
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By Farai D Hove | In a reversing turn of events, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has unwittingly compromised the career of Emmerson Mnangagwa, rendering any claims of bias by the SADC observer mission to the recently concluded 2023 elections virtually irredeemable. This development comes after the release of a controversial documentary that has sent shockwaves throughout the region.

Nevers Mumba, a key figure in this unfolding drama, published a statement titled “GRAND SCHEME” DOCUMENTARY AGAINST ZAMBIA, AGAINST THE PRESIDENT, AND AGAINST MYSELF IS AN ACT OF DESPERATION AND A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY.” In this statement, Mumba voiced his concerns regarding a derogatory and anti-Zambian documentary produced by a foreign news agency and government. However, what makes this situation even more alarming is the involvement of five Zambian individuals, including Mr. Fred Mmembe, Mr. Given Lubinda, Mr. Raphael Nakachinda, Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba, and Mr. Chilufya Tayali, who collaborated with the ZANU-PF of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation to create this controversial video.

The documentary alleges that President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia had a mandate from Western Imperialists to effect regime change in countries led by liberation movements in the region, including Zimbabwe. These allegations, according to Mumba, border on espionage and constitute a dangerous and irresponsible threat to national security. Furthermore, Mumba himself was falsely accused of being nominated as the SADC Head of Mission in the Zimbabwe election to fulfill President Hichilema’s alleged mandate.

Mumba decried the actions of these five Zambians, stating that their behavior goes beyond politics and amounts to national sabotage. He called on the justice system to take a keen interest in this matter and allow the accused to prove their claims in court.

However, what has sent shockwaves across the region is the connection between Nevers Mumba and Emmerson Mnangagwa. ZimEye’s editorial team observed that Mumba has been associated with Mnangagwa’s circle since 1995, operating under the leadership of Andrew Wutaunashe, who is described as the head of Mnangagwa’s prophetic mafia. Even as recently as August 2023, Mumba was recorded in a video defending Mnangagwa’s government against allegations of gold transaction sanctions.

This association raises questions about Mumba’s impartiality and neutrality as the announcer for the SADC observer mission. ZimEye contends that given Mumba’s long-standing connections to Mnangagwa’s camp, there can be no grounds for accusing the SADC observer mission of bias.

This revelation casts a long shadow over Mnangagwa’s political future and, in the eyes of many, seals the door on any attempt to claim bias by the SADC observer mission. It remains to be seen how this explosive situation will continue to unfold, but one thing is certain: it has sent shockwaves throughout the region, raising questions about political alliances and agendas in Southern Africa.