Is Kembo Mohadi Honed For The Job?
22 September 2023
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By Simbarashe Jingo | The effectiveness of a leader often hinges on the caliber of individuals they choose to surround themselves with. In Zimbabwe’s political landscape, President Mnangagwa has aligned himself with figures like Kembo Mohadi and Constantino Chiwenga. This article scrutinizes their qualifications and contributions to national leadership.

Simbarashe Jingo

Kembo Mohadi: A Middle-of-the-Road Leader.

Kembo Mohadi, a seasoned politician with decades of experience, leaves a trail that lacks significant milestones. His leadership qualities appear rather ordinary, devoid of any exceptional attributes. While he can claim participation in the liberation struggle, his leadership portfolio lacks academic brilliance or notable achievements in industry. Regrettably, Mohadi’s reputation has often been marred by indiscretions, particularly in his relationships with young women.

Constantino Chiwenga: Inept and Ineffectual
Constantino Chiwenga’s tenure in Zimbabwean leadership raises questions about his competence. His track record is marked by ineffectiveness and incompetence, rendering him ill-suited for national leadership. Alongside President Mnangagwa, Mohadi, and Chiwenga, there is a tendency to attribute their shortcomings to external factors, primarily the “sanctions mantra.” However, their inability to articulate a comprehensive policy aimed at transforming Zimbabwe’s economy from a state of hyperinflation to a modern, stable, and peaceful industrialized one is evident.

The leadership of Zimbabwe hinges on the qualities and capabilities of those at the helm. Kembo Mohadi and Constantino Chiwenga, as prominent figures within President Mnangagwa’s administration, exhibit a lack of exceptional leadership attributes. Their inadequacies and inability to drive transformative policies raise concerns about their suitability for national leadership. As the nation grapples with social and economic challenges, it is imperative to critically assess the individuals steering its course.