Mambara Of 2023, Man (56) Loses Wife After Manhood Enlargement Muti Goes Wrong?
24 September 2023
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By A Correspondent

Being dissatisfied with what you have may cause you to lose the good things you have, especially if the wife is the one who has money ,cheating her is more like signing your poverty sentence.

A 56-year old madala is now in serious trouble after he lost his wife and also the small house.

It is said that Mr Muvengwa visited one sangoma who calls himself Prophet Isaac Makomichi of Masvingo to get a charm to enlarge his manhood so that he could satisty his marwei a 19 year old from Avenues in Harare.

Luckily his manhood issue was solved not knowing that it was the beginning of his painful and lonely life.

Last month Mrs Muvengwa filed divorce papers accusing her husband of being a prostitute.

This woman stated in her papers that she wanted to end the marriage because of her husband’s infidelity and painful moments when they have s*x which was not been happening before. She also claimed Mr Muvengwa did the enlargment inoder to satisfy his teenager prostitutes. This woman has also revealed that her husband’s manhood has increased by almost 10 centimeters. After Mrs Muvengwa left with all her wealth it said that the Avondale marwei also left accusing Mr Muvengwa of downgrading his lifestyle, which means the old men is now poor and lonely.

Makomichi gained fame after lots of people testifying that he (Makomichi) can make manhood to grow and to give love potion which has many people who have also testified that they have been helped by Makomichi, last month Makomichi said men with small manhood must contact him on his number +263777469342 to get help.

Other churches have described Makomichi as a sorcerer who uses the power of Satan to perform miracles, last month Makomichi almost died when he was bitten by a crocodile while walking on water in Kariba which was described by believers as “(maporofita emazuva ekupedzisa achati gomo ibva apo uinde apo asi achishanda naRusifa)”

“We don’t accept this guy called Isaac Makomichi, he is not one of us, he is not a prophet from God, of course he has power and he is helping people but his powers are evil.

His miracles are being inspired by the powers from the dark world, people must reject him” said one senior Zion bishop.

Makomichi is also facing too much criticism due to his controversial manhood enlargement charm despite reports saying that the charm is selling like hot cakes.