Evidence of Nevers Mumba’s Ongoing Secret Work For Mnangagwa To Invalidate SADC Election Report
26 September 2023
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The below report is of SADC’s Election Observer Mission head, Nevers Mumba on 12 Sept publicly re-hashing his statements supporting Emmerson Mnangagwa and Uebert Angel’s election rigging goldmafia operations as late as September 2023, which communications are now being used by pro ZANU PF agents to dismiss the Zim 2023 election SADC observer mission report findings.

Nevers Mumba: “But we think that just as a church because we do not support each other, does not mean we use this opportunity to demonise Prophet Uebert Angel. So I think it is important to understand that he (Uebert Angel) is becoming a solution. He is not the first one to be misunderstood. …. it’s not criminality when you are not breaking the law of the land, but you are trying to answer the question that is in your country, that’s what you are called for…. so to the Africans, let us be careful, we are an endangered species, and if Zimbabwe is attacked today for using their own gold in the way they want to use it, I think that tomorrow it will be Zambia, the other day it will be Malawi, the other day it will be Kenya. We must hold together. A country with sanctions must find a way to survive and I believe Zimbabwe is doing whatsoever it needs to survive..”

– Mnangagwa’s proxy Zambian opposition and sworn Hichilema enemies have already launched campaigns to say the West and Zimbabwe’s opposition are using sanctions to rig elections, which potentially invalidates the SEOM’s findings in the 2023 elections.

By A Correspondent | ZimEye | In what the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe criticises as false, and following his April 2023 video protecting president Emmerson Mnangagwa and ambassador Uebert Angel over Kenya(1993)-to-Zimbabwe(2023) goldmafia funded election rigging, the head of SADC’s Election Observer Mission, Nevers Mumba has okayed the use of the Zambia flag and the country’s court of arms by him and Uebert Angel’s so called “spiritual son,” Harry Kalaba, in scripted video statements to announce that the West has sanctions on Zimbabwean gold.

The two Zambian politicians recorded videos in April which assisted Uebert Angel and other implicated individuals following Al Jazeera’s GoldMafia investigative documentary, escape money laundering charges, and get their bank accounts unfrozen. In their videos, the two repeatedly claimed that Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa whose business partner Kamlesh Pattni has for over 3 decades sustained dictators corrupt their elections using stolen central bank money and grounded the economies of many African countries beginning with Kenya in 1990, must be allowed to use his country’s gold the way he wants because the West has sanctioned Zimbabwean gold transactions.

Mumba as of Sept 2023 still maintains that the election-rigging gold smuggling exposed in Al Jazeera’s Goldmafia documentary being operations which began in the 1990s (where they were first prosecuted) and have destroyed various African economies are not at all criminal, despite himself (Mumba) assisting obfuscate disclosures over vote rigging that began in the 1990s in Kenya and is now being executed in Zimbabwe where Emmerson Mnangagwa has accumulated a reported over USD240million laundered money for the 2023 elections, as Uebert Angel and Mnangagwa’s convicted Kenyan gold smuggling partner, Kamlesh Pattni confess on video.

So far, Zimbabwe’s central bank, the RBZ has issued caution against Mumba’s claims in advance saying, “there are no sanctions on Zimbabwean exports and imports, including trade in gold to warrant Zimbabwe to circumvent international sanctions using illicit trade in gold. As such the claim that there is a scheme to bust international sanctions using illicit ways shows beyond doubt that the peddlers of this narrative have a sinister agenda with nefarious objectives of tarnishing both the bank and the Republic of Zimbabwe.”

Nevers Mumba made these claims in the following video he recorded in April 2023 and using the Zambian flag, of which when confronted by ZimEye for explanations said he was not at all talking about gold transactions.

“That statement I made about president Mnangagwa and Uebert Angel, had nothing to do with the issues of gold,” he told ZimEye’s Simba Chikanza (see the full text of the interview below).

He also said he was only talking about Pan Africanism.

But his video does have multiple repeats of mentions of gold transactions, plus also repeats of Mnangagwa’s ambassador at large, the disgraced prophet’s name, over 6 times in 8 minutes of the footage, saying him and Mnangagwa are doing good for their country, Zimbabwe (see video).

Mumba was on 27th August 2023 requested by Simba Chikanza to correct his statements, so to save the lives of many victims of violence, and in line with the truth re-hashed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe which froze Uebert Angel’s bank accounts, seeing how his Mnangagwa-sanctions statement authorise the dictator to rig elections and kill people in repeating operations run across Africa by the Mafia since the early 1990s.

During the 27th Aug interview, Mumba had promised to revise his Zimbabwe-sanctions statement, seeing the overwhelming evidence that it empowers Mnangagwa to rig elections and violate the Constitution under the false claim that the West is doing the same, a Mumba-position now adopted by opposition leaders like Kelvin Bwalya (4th Sept 2023 video



But 2 weeks later, instead of simply reversing his disinformation, Mumba, has taken to his Facebook portal to pour piles of scorn on the singular journalistic request that highlights that corrective action is needed since his (Mumba’s) SADC observer electoral mission’s statement position is now being overridden by his (Mumba’s) Uebert Angel, Mnangagwa-sanctions video. He took time to expend large paragraphs of over 300 words to phrase out mockeries, which now reduce the journalistic request to a mere accusation that he is part of the GoldMafia.

In his post, Mumba said President Hakainde Hichilema arch critic, the iPhone15 obsessed Harry Kalaba’s and his own statement (republished here), supporting the goldmafia implicated individuals got completely misquoted and twisted.

He also criticised Al Jazeera’s GoldMafia researcher Simba Chikanza saying he is a disgraced journalist.

Mumba has not criticised cynics against the SADC election observer mission who use his condemned goldmafia-sanctions statement to announce falsehoods stating that Mnangagwa is allowed to rig elections because the West is rigging elections using sanctions against Zimbabwean gold. One of the critics is the Zimbabwean Mr Rutendo Matinyarare who recently threatened SADC Chairperson on Defence and Politics, President Hakainde Hichilema, with death. Another critic is the Zambian politicians Kelvin Fube Bwalya, who has even gone on to make veiled death threats against the SADC Chairperson using the sudden death of the late president Levy Mwanawasa in 2008 as a reference to what could easily happen when Zambian leaders oppose ZANU PF during impasses (video, timeline 0:00 to 3:00)



Dr Mumba also made key accusations, the first one being that Simba Chikanza had accused him of being a ring leader in the GoldMafia, of which all Chikanza’s recording and written statements perused and supplied herewith do not contain any such a wording or meaning. Mumba wrote saying, “the same gentleman a few days later, called me and started equally accusing me of allegedly being a ring leader in President Munangagwa’s Gold Mafia Group. Again, That is why ba Kalaba Wesu responded the way he responded,” wrote Mumba on 12th Sept on his Facebook portal in the ccommens response area.

Simba Chikanza who over the last 15 years has played a crucial role in not only exposing crimes against humanity, but helping to physically stop them by confronting military generals and presidents (including former Zambian president Edgar Lungu https://fb.watch/ng1arPF2KA/ ), has been simply requesting the SADC Head of electoral monitors to address the life-threatening disinformation contained in his video statement ( https://www.facebook.com/reel/1192661294774503) seeing the damage it has on millions of Zimbabweans, likely to suffer more election rigging and violent crackdowns for centuries to come. This has been Chikanza’s singular request since the 27th August interview where he first asked the same after Harry Kalaba had said he sees nothing wrong with his abuse of Zambia’s court of arms to make statements representing and protecting Uebert Angel and Emmerson Mnangagwa, because Mumba has also stated the same things. (INTERVIEW QUESTION

https://twitter.com/ZimEye/status/1697846556148331002?t=bjcUz7SfblcjOUsVWHZdpQ&s=19 )

Mumba also passed another allegation saying Chikanza had lured Kalaba into conversations by lying that he had been sent to Kalaba with an iphone15 by his UK based friend, Uebert Angel. But video footage verified by local journalists from the News Diggers publication have got no such words or even impressions. Ref:

The journalist simply managed to gain trust in the first 90 seconds of their first conversation by promising Kalaba an iPhone15 to reward him for the role he played in helping his prophet friend escape prosecution. Chikanza has a long history of success in gaining trust even with his bitterest enemies who include the wife of the Zimbabwean dictator, Auxillia Mnangagwa with whom he has even had far lengthier conversations on videocall them fully knowing why they are talking to.

The last of Mumba’s allegation is that Chikanza announced against Harry Kalaba, “all kinds of allegations,” when the LIVE video watched by over 500,000 people while inside Lusaka’s Levy Mall’s RightPrice shop shows only one revolving matter raised against Mr Kalaba which is the question of if he is going to apologise for helping his friend Uebert Angel create his fake video document he repeatedly acknowledges before and after the doorstep interview, that he created it with the Zambia Govt Court of arms per Uebert Angel’s script he loudly confirms in the recorded phone conversations since the 2nd August 2023, and which is confirmed in written correspondence also between Uebert Angel and their script writer, a South Africa based Mr Kudzai Mutisi, who received payment for the services by Uebert Angel on 28 March 2023 into his FNB bank account.


SC: Hello, Good afternoon Honourable.

NM: Good afternoon.

SC: Good afternoon Sir, my apologies I know I probably bombed your phone just like that, and I know you’re doing some great work at present in Zimbabwe.

NM; Who am I speaking to?

SC: My name is Simba Chikanza. I am one of your followers from a very long time from the 1990s when you used to do programmes with Andrew Wutaunashe and you were talking about restoring African politics from a Christian perspective, I don’t know if you remember those programs.

NM: Many years ago, correct.

SC: Yes, in 1995.

NM: Yes.

SC: So, I just note the work that you are doing for SADC at present. But you may not be aware. Andrew Wutaunashe is aware, I am a researcher on this GoldMafia documentary.

NM: Okay. Hold on please, hold on.

SC: Yes.

NM: If it cuts call again, hey?

SC: It’s fine Sir. So basically I came across your video… I think it has cut.

SC: Yes, Yes.

NM: Another call there.

SC: Yes. It’s fine, yeah.

SC; So, Hon Mumba, I came across your video where you were fervently criticising the documentary and the reason why I had to call you is also because from my conversation with Harry Kalaba, he referenced you also as a backer of Uebert Angel in this defence for Emmerson Mnangagwa around the GoldMafia investigation, so I thought I could engage you directly and maybe you can also question me, what you feel, your reservations, because I am one of the researchers on this documentary. I am not the only one, and as you can see here, the research has been there since 1992, it was started in 1992 in Kenya when I was even 13 years old.

NM: Just a moment.

SC: Yes Sir.

NM: Mr Simba just a moment. I will be talking about (sic) … and suffice to say, I have looked at your write up, you wrote to me, it came from you, right?

SC: Yes Sir. It did Sir.

NM: Eh, I want to put things into perspective, first of all, I want you to understand that words like Uebert Angel, rather I wrote what I said because it was structured or written for me by Angel, I think that is an insult to my intelligence. I have a background of research myself, I do my own work, even in politics I write my own statements, even up to… so to use that kind of language on me is a little unfortunate but don’t worry about that. I just wanted you to know that, of course except for SADC, it’s corporate work, it’s not my statement alone, it’s a statement of an institution that I was given the honour to read out on behalf of SADC.

But outside that, you can ask me any question and I will answer from my own history of research, so maybe to be using that kind of language is presumptuous as an investigator(sic); may not help collecting information because I think when you talk to people, assume that they are intelligent, they know what they are talking about, it helps.

Erm, secondly, I just want you to understand that that that statement I made about president Mnangagwa and Uebert Angel, had nothing to do with the issues of gold and all that because I even mentioned in that video that the laws of Zimbabwe must kick in(sic), if any law was broken, the laws of Zimbabwe must be applied, my argument has always been, since the days of Wutaunashe you have been referring to, find out my history. People talk about being Pan African, but whatever that means, I am clear what I subscribe to. What is happening – the understanding we have, anything that happens in Africa, of people trying to try to leverage their own resources in order to deal with the country that has been sanctioned, and they have to find the working system in which goods and services can be provided for their people, the West will criticize them.

They will insult them but when you go to Russia, Russia is doing clandestine things with gold every day. There is no Al Jazeera report.

America is worse in trying to make something work for their people because they have to create a system outside the global system that makes their country to survive, and nobody like Al Jazeera doesn’t do a statement.

You go to Europe, France has so much gold in there that comes from Africa, and they manipulate around and make themselves richer than Africa, that has the gold.

Now it comes to Zimbabwe, it’s not all about saying Mnangagwa, has done this or that, let’s look at how to solve, what is the problem that they are trying to resolve, and that’s all and I will always be that way, and I think Africa to me comes first.

If these international media organisations were fair, in reporting about thing that are happening around the world; When we are trying to use our own resources to survive, against the sanctions that are being made against us, that’s the basis of my (sic) I was just asked about that issue, I was not instructed by Angel, I don’t know Angel that much, I don’t. He is a preacher, but I don’t preach in his circles, he doesn’t preach in my circles; we are very far, you know, apart. So there is no invested interest in me speaking for him.

President Mnangagwa, I had not even met him by that time, so I had no vested interests. I was interested in how Africans are treated by the global community and how they demonize us, at the same time using our resources in order to, you know, build their own countries and economies. That’s where I was coming from. Was it completely in line with7 all the facts on the ground? Maybe not.

But I was wanting for everybody to know- look at us as Africans, like you look at the others.

Russia is under sanctions , they are doing all the crazy stuff outside the global economic framework, because they have to survive as a nation. No one is criticising them, because they are white and we are black, so I think for me that is my problem, and this brings me to the second issue.

The second issue is that now that I am being accused that I came here to Zimbabwe in order to support Chamisa whom they say is an imperialist supported candidate so me I am a Western puppet, I am working with Hichilema and Hichilema is a puppet and all that kind of rhetoric actually is cancelled by that video, because that video, who I am and what I believe and where ever there is truth, whether it’s on Chamisa’s side or Mnangagwa’s side, I will follow the truth not an individual, not …(sic) name, because that is who I am.

God called me to this thing when I was very young. My vision has been clear, I will not sell my birthright either to the West or to the East. I don’t belong to the East, I don’t belong to the West. I belong to Zambia and to Africa and that’s my priority, so when you write those statements like that, you know you mist first of all, and I am glad, I have to salute you, that you have called me directly, and for me I think I find people like yourself people I can talk to, rather than those who just go ahead and write what they want because they consider themselves to be the Jehovahs, they know everything, their research is accurate when they have never spoken to me, so for me, yes I accept the fact that once it becomes an issue of Pan Africanism, you will hear my voice. I will defend Africa, I will defend Zambia, I will defend SADC, but I will never defend wrong that’s why I said in that video, if there is any law that the President and his people have broken, I think the people of Zimbabwe should take them to task. Why? Because I am distancing myself from any wrongdoing but principle is what I was portraying in that video, and I thought I need to give that background.

SC: …thank you very much and I really appreciate your response.

Here is a problem from both a Zimbabwean and a Zambian perspective. You know that I’ve been literally on the ground in Lusaka in Zambia lately in the last few weeks, and people even who are Zambian are asking me questions here: your statement supporting and claiming that there are sanctions in Zimbabwe, while you’re criticising Al Jazeera you’re saying Al Jazeera news network has got an ulterior motive, that statement is far, by far exponentially damaging to the Zimbabwean people and it literally reverses anything that you could ever do either for SADC or any other entity to do with Zimbabwe because you have totally given Emmerson Mnangagwa the authority to both rig elections, the authority to torpedo anything. Anyone whatsoever.

NM: No, no, no, no.

SC: Allow me to finish, allow me to finish.

NM: No.

SC: Let me say here, let me just finish this,

NM: No, no,

SC: If I could just finish this honorable.

You are aware that the GoldMafia investigation did not start with Al Jazeera at all. It started in 1992, And this is all on the documentary. It shows you that Emmerson Mnangagwa’s partner, Kamlesh Pattni who destroyed Kenya’s economy, honourable, that man, was prosecuted in Kenya. His accomplices were convicted and he himself went through prosecution, way before Al Jazeera ever existed, way before I myself had even started working I was only 12 years old, and so what you are saying there, and way before sanctions existed in the Zimbabwean conversations, even as a conversation honourable, in the history of Zimbabwe, so that is where it is, your statement.

NM: Wait. Simba

The reason I’m trying to get in is because I have to get into my next interview. The point I am trying to make is that all your concerns that you raised now I summarise them in one paragraph in my video, I say any law broken in the process of trying to do all this whole issue, my must be prosecuted to the end whether it’s Mr Mnangagwa involved or Angel involved, or anybody else, I will never support anything illegal, never. But if you can see me out as I am dealing with a Pan African view that I have that against that they should also judge Al Jazeera against that. I only said I want to see the statements Al Jazeera the investigation they had made on Russia. I want to see what they have done on France, and not to be one sided, I am speaking from the African. I am not authorising Mr Mnangagwa to abuse the people of Zimbabwe that’s why we came with such a strong statement as SADC, because we have seen…

SC:: I don’t know if you understand the history of Zimbabwe. You are more senior than me..

Between 1983 and 1987, Emmerson Mnangagwa himself ran an operation to punish over 30,000 Zimbabweans in our region that is closer to Zambia, he was punishing them for the crime of stopping the rain, he was accusing them of being the one who stopped the rain, are you aware of the Gukurahundi killings?

There were no sanctions at all in Zimbabwe at any time at that time, he himself.

NM: We were not…

SC: Let me just finish. I just wanted to see how deadly and how destructive And how you have empowered Emmerson Mnangagwa to do anything that he wants. There was never sanctions.

Now we come to the GoldMafia documentary, It has got very little or anything to do with Al Jazeera. This is an investigation that was actually prosecuted by Kenyan courts between 1992 and 2004.

People were convicted in Kenya on this very investigation because of the money laundering work and gold smuggling by Kamlesh Pattni who is Emmerson Mnangagwa’s business partner, so honourable, look at it here if you start dropping the term “sanctions” you have destroyed the future of Zimbabweans for the next 1,000 years.

Any work, any statement that you are going to make on behalf of SADC or on behalf of any other entity can you now see that that statement, that nothing you will ever do positively for the public good for Zimbabweans will amount to anything because you have already destroyed their future by empowering him, using that statement of “sanctions”?

NM: No, I

SC: And would you like to see communications honourable, that I can show you that your statement was, your video statement was scripted by Uebert Angel, yeah, literally scripted? I even have his own confirmations that he instructed you and Harry Kalaba to make those statements.

NM: You want to show? (sic)

SC: And I’m sure you’d agree with me that according to Zambian law, that, what that is, it is interfering with an investigation in money laundering.


Even in part 2, Mumba continued to refuse to retract his statements which Simba Chikanza reiterated that they affect the lives of not only Zimbabweans, but his own countrymen, Zambians.

This is not the first time, Mumba has done something similar, and in 2004, he was fired from his Vice Presidency job by the late President Levy Mwanawasa when he refused to retract some damaging statements against the Democratic Republic Of Congo. He would only bounce back into government after Mwanawasa’s sudden death in 2008, reportedly caused by Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile analysts suggested that Mumba who has harboured presidential ambitions through the backdoor while twinning himself with Emmerson Mnangagwa since 1996, might actually be playing a trick so to blight his appointer.