Mnangagwa Family Covid Tender Corruption Runner Escapes Jail
28 September 2023
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By- President Emmerson Mnangagwa family’s Covid-19 tender corruption runner Dilesh Nguwaya and his fake company Drax Consult Sagl have been cleared of fraud charges in a case in which they flouted procurement regulations.

In 2020, the media was awash with stories of Nguwaya having flouted procurement regulations and NATPHAM for supplying pharmaceutical sundries.

But surprisingly, the courts have since found no evidence linking Nguwaya to the case, saying the contract between the two parties was above board.
ZRP Spokesperson, Paul Nyathi said, “The police has taken note of the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe and National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe decision on the fact that the money that was paid to Drax Consult Sagl by Treasury had been cleared and deemed clean money which should be paid to Drax Consult Sagl for the medicines which were delivered and consumed by various medical facilities in the country.”
During the initial stages of his trial, Nguwaya, through his legal representative, submitted that all the allegations were meant to taint the businessman and are part of a smear campaign against his person and partners.
In a statement, the National Prosecution Authority, which has been handling the matter, has since declined to prosecute as a result of the clarity in the contract, a development which confirms that no criminal investigation or pending docket is being held against Nguwaya.