Prophet T Fred speaks On Another Demolished House
28 September 2023
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By- Controversial preacher, T Fred’s house has been demolished by the Harare city authorities.

Below is T Fred’s statement on the demolished house:

Today is a challenging day for me as my residential house has been demolished. It’s a distressing situation, especially considering that six years ago, the Harare City Council legally allocated me a residential stand in Glen View. I followed all the necessary regulations and paperwork to build a small house that I could afford.
Unfortunately, this is not the only hardship I’ve faced . Our church was also demolished 2 years ago, marking the second time I’ve been directly affected by such an event. In the face of these difficulties, I turn to prayer and encourage my fellow church members not to lose heart.
Despite the setbacks, I remain steadfast in my faith and trust that there is a reason why God allows such things to happen. Today, even with my house demolished, I will continue to hold on to my unwavering belief in Him. Furthermore, I am determined to persevere and move forward. That is why I invite everyone to join us tomorrow friday ,29 september at our Night of Revival (pungwe!), which will take place at our new premises located at the corner of High Glen Road and Mushayabhande Road in Glen Norah B, Harare.
So, today may bring challenges, but it also presents an opportunity for renewal and strength. I am resolved to find solace and comfort in my faith, knowing that God has a plan for me, my home, and my church.