ZimStat Boss Arrested Over Tenders While Wicknel Walks ScotFree
28 September 2023
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Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat) Director General, Taguma Mahonde, Arrested Over Corruption Allegations.

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has arrested ZimStat Director General, Taguma Mahonde, on charges of flouting tender procedures in the disposal of vehicles and fraudulent school fees claims for his children. Mahonde is set to appear in court today, September 28, 2023, after ZACC investigators were unable to complete their work yesterday.

ZACC spokesperson, Commissioner Thandiwe Mlobane, confirmed Mahonde’s arrest, citing ongoing investigations. According to Mlobane, Mahonde presented a recent board resolution authorizing his school fees claims, contradicting a resolution from the previous year. He is accused of making fraudulent claims dating back to 2021 without proper documentation.

ZACC remains committed to combating corruption at all levels, with 60 high-profile cases submitted to the National Prosecuting Authority since January 2023. Mahonde’s case involves allegations of acquiring service vehicles at below-market rates and undermining government procedures, potentially costing the State revenue.

Mahonde is also accused of purchasing vehicles before the prescribed five-year period for senior government officials, flouting regulations. Witnesses in the case include the Central Mechanical Equipment Department, responsible for vehicle disposals to government officials.

Mahonde’s lawyer, Mr. Zvidzai Herbert Chinyani, stated he has yet to receive detailed allegations against his client. This arrest underscores ZACC’s determination to address corruption regardless of individuals’ societal standing.-state media