Plane Crash Kills Six In Masvingo
30 September 2023
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By- At least six people have died in a Rio Zim plane crash in the Zvamahande area of Mashava, Masvingo, making it the second plane crash for Rio Zim this year.

The first one happened in Beatrice early this year. The plane was carrying diamonds. 

Pindula News reports that the scene was gruesome, with body parts scattered and stuck to debris. The online news portal said due to the severe damage, it was challenging to determine the exact number of passengers on board. The discovery of seven pairs of shoes made some conclude that seven people had died in the crash. Said the news portal:

According to locals, they heard an extremely loud sound, and the plane was seen circling in the air before it tragically fell from the sky. The aftermath was gruesome, with body parts hanging from branches, large chunks of flesh on the ground, and some even stuck to the debris.

Determining the exact number of passengers on the plane was challenging. Sadly, there was nothing left intact of them. Based on the recovered pair of shoes, the estimate stood at seven individuals. A Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer present at the scene said the network in the area was expected to remain down until Civil Aviation authorities arrived and informed the president.

we observed that body parts, if we can call them that, were being collected in bin liners.

It was misty and foggy in the Masvingo area this morning, although we unsure if the same weather conditions prevailed at the crash site at the time of the crash.

Furthermore, we learned from the locals that the plane took off much earlier than its usual departure time of around 9 a.m. On this fateful day, it departed at approximately 7 a.m.

The Rio Zim plane was en route from Harare to Murowa Diamonds when the tragic incident occurred. The investigation is ongoing, but initial reports indicate that the plane experienced a mechanical fault. 

Rio Zim is a mining company based in Zimbabwe. It is one of the largest mining companies in the country and is involved in the extraction and production of various minerals, including gold, diamonds, and chrome. The company operates several mines and has interests in different mining projects across the Midlands, Masvingo, and Mashonaland Central provinces.