CCC Donates To Victim Of Zanu PF Terror
2 October 2023
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CCC Namibia donates to Maramba Pfungwe Councillor, Taonana Peter!a

28 September 2023.

Following the arson perpetrated by ZANU-PF thugs on a CCC council candidate, Taonana Peter’s house, social democrats in Namibia offered solidarity to the victim. The Vibrant District donated some cash to assist the diligent councilor in rebuilding his burnt house. CCC Namibia believes in shelter as a basic human right enshrined in the supreme law of the land. Going around setting alight opponents’ houses epitomizes illegitimacy and subversion of the will of the people.

Namibia district urges all social transformers to embrace participatory democracy by aiding and supporting those who are victims of politically motivated violence on account of politics. Councillor Taonana Peter has the right to join a political party of his choice. It is now imperative to unite against the abuse of the basic fundamental human rights in Zimbabwe. It is constitutional to represent wards, constituencies, and the country through the ballot. Why is ZANU PF victimizing change champions for believing in the astute leadership of the President, Advocate Nelson Chamisa?

All progressive citizens across the globe must rise in support of change-seekers who are being abused by the unconstitutional government. It is our moral obligation to toe the principle of “injury to one is an injury to all”. CCC Namibia pledges to continue standing not only with Clr Peter Taonana of Maramba Pfungwe but with all and sundry. Right now, CCC polling agents and candidates who participated in the recently held shambolic elections are being arbitrarily arrested, tortured, and abducted by the securocrats across the breadth and lengths of the motherland.

As a district that subscribes to the national democratic revolution, we call upon the citizens to embrace dangerous freedom demanding the rule of law and constitutionalism. Burning someone’s house is criminal and must be resisted with equal measure. The people of Zimbabwe should come and reason together, and speak with one amplified voice advocating for fresh free, fair, and credible elections. SADC and AU need to be complemented through peaceful demonstrations in the country. We can’t be glued on social media complaining with our hands folded.

Whilst our leadership is still mobilizing provinces towards a clarion call to reverse illegitimacy, the diaspora assemblies should lead at various Zimbabwe Houses across the globe putting diplomatic and political pressure on the satanic regime. Citizens in Namibia laud change advocates in the US and the United Kingdom for speaking audibly against rigging by Zec and ZANU PF. CCC Namibia is also planning to hold their protest in Windhoek on a date to be announced.

We are pleading with the host President, Hage Geingob to allow disgruntled citizens resident in Namibia to demonstrate their fury on the day in question. Zimbabweans are sick and tired of selling cockroach poison in the streets of Windhoek. Being a headache across the globe must come to an abrupt end! We deserve better livelihoods as a citizenry. Solidarity! Solidarity! Solidarity! Let’s offer solidarity to all victims of thugocracy and gross abuse of human rights in Zimbabwe.

CCC Namibia encourages more citizens to donate to our victim of arson in Maramba Pfungwe. Please stand to be counted as we confront the diabolical regime. Thank you, interim chairperson Elisha Chambara for leading us! Salutations to the interim chairperson for Rundu Branch Simbarashe Ndoda for pushing us through this revolutionary gesture! We shall remain grateful to our organic and pragmatic Windhoek, Rundu, Northern branches, etc. for contributing towards Clr Peter Taonana.

Namibia district is ready to prosecute the national democratic struggle to its logical conclusion. We shall remain committed and dedicated to the fight for freedom, equality, and justice. We demand justice for Peter Taonana!





CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya