3 Pharmacies Banned
3 October 2023
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Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe Takes Action Against Histalix Abuse Promoters.

The Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) has taken a firm stance against the promotion of abuse of Histalix, a locally produced cough mixture containing codeine. MCAZ has revoked the licenses of three individuals and four wholesalers involved in promoting the misuse of this medication.

The three individuals whose licenses have been revoked are Mr. Tatenda Chigumbura, a supervisor at Murity Pharmaceuticals, Ms. Spiwe Chipara, a supervisor at Adept Pharmaceuticals, and Mr. Didymus Kanyera, who works as a supervisor at Bestpharm Pharmaceuticals. These individuals, along with the organizations that employed them, have had their operators’ licenses suspended. Additionally, Action 24 medical supplies also faced license suspension as part of this crackdown.

This suspension will remain in effect until March 2025, underlining the seriousness of the authorities’ commitment to tackling the misuse of codeine-containing medicines.

Mr. Richard Rukwata, the Director-General of MCAZ, emphasized the organization’s primary responsibility to regulate medicines and medical devices in Zimbabwe. He stated, “Through our robust regulatory framework, we ensure that only safe, effective, and quality medicines are available on the market. By doing so, we aim to prevent the circulation of counterfeit drugs and unregistered substances that can contribute to drug abuse.”

Furthermore, Mr. Rukwata highlighted that the MCAZ has implemented mechanisms to control the availability of codeine-containing medicines by requiring valid prescriptions for their dispensation. However, he expressed concern over the continuous illegal importation of over-the-counter medicines from other countries, indicating the need for continued vigilance in combating this issue.

This decisive action by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe serves as a clear message that the authorities are dedicated to safeguarding public health and combating the misuse of medications containing codeine.-state media