Suspected Government Agents Demolish Homes of Elderly Occupants on Chiyangwa’s Farm
4 October 2023
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CHINHOYI – In a shocking turn of events, suspected government agents descended upon the Old Citua Farm in Chinhoyi, where they commenced the demolition of houses belonging to elderly men and women. Their claim: these individuals were illegal occupants on the property once owned by losing candidate Phillip Chiyangwa.

While no comment was immediately forthcoming from Chiyangwa, the prominent businessman is widely remembered in the area for his generous gestures, such as distributing bikes during ZANU PF’s primary polls. Unfortunately, these efforts failed to secure a victory for him in past elections.

This development comes just one month after ZANU PF suffered a significant defeat to Nelson Chamisa’s CCC party in the region.

Local publication Chinhoyi TV reported the incident in Shona, stating: “Mapurisa aparadza dzimba dzemhuri mazana maviri paOld Citrua Farm muno mu Chinhoyi achiti vakazvigadza zvisiri pamutemo papurazi ramuzvinabhizimisi VaPhilip Chiyangwa. Vanongokudai nguva yema votes chete.”

The demolition of homes on the Old Citua Farm raises questions about property rights and the treatment of elderly occupants, prompting concerns within the local community. Authorities are expected to provide further details on the incident in the coming days.