SADC Update By Ibbo Mandaza
5 October 2023
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Academic Professor Ibbo Mandaza Urges SADC and AU to Address Zimbabwe’s Political Crisis

JOHANNESBURG – In a gripping lecture held at Wits University today, Zimbabwean academic and prominent commentator, Professor Ibbo Mandaza, delivered a powerful message, urging the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union (AU) not to turn a blind eye to the ongoing political crisis in Zimbabwe.

Professor Mandaza’s lecture, which focused on the recent elections in Zimbabwe, drew a diverse audience of students, academics, and diplomats who were keen to hear his insights on the troubling state of affairs in his home country.

During the lecture, Professor Mandaza minced no words as he criticized the handling of the political situation in Zimbabwe, particularly in the wake of the recent elections. He expressed deep concerns about the alleged irregularities and human rights violations that marred the electoral process.

“The people of Zimbabwe deserve a democratic and transparent electoral process,” Professor Mandaza stated emphatically. “It is essential that SADC and the AU take an active role in ensuring that the political crisis in Zimbabwe is addressed promptly and fairly.”

His comments come at a time when Zimbabwe has been grappling with political instability, economic challenges, and allegations of human rights abuses. The recent elections in Zimbabwe raised eyebrows both locally and internationally, with accusations of voter suppression and a lack of transparency.

Professor Mandaza’s lecture was met with resounding applause from the audience, many of whom shared his concerns and called for international intervention. The Zimbabwean academic’s reputation as a thoughtful and respected commentator on African politics lent further weight to his call for action.

As news of his lecture spread, social media platforms buzzed with discussions, with many echoing his sentiments and demanding that regional and continental bodies step in to address the ongoing crisis in Zimbabwe.

The SADC and AU have faced criticism in the past for their perceived inaction on matters of political turmoil within member states. Professor Mandaza’s passionate plea serves as a stark reminder that the international community is closely watching and urging these organizations to live up to their mandates.

In the wake of Professor Mandaza’s powerful message, the question now remains: Will SADC and the AU heed his call and take concrete steps to address the political crisis in Zimbabwe, or will Zimbabweans continue to endure a state of uncertainty and unrest? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain—Professor Ibbo Mandaza’s words have ignited a renewed sense of urgency surrounding the Zimbabwean crisis, both within and beyond its borders.