Chaos Erupts in Gweru as Korokozas Clash Over Gold Discovery
6 October 2023
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GWERU, ZIMBABWE – Police in Gweru have cordoned off part of Mtausi suburb along the Gweru-Shurugwi highway after violence and skirmishes erupted from some artisanal miners following the discovery of gold deposits in the area.

Police say some residents raised alarm after over 100 artisanal miners descended on the suburb in search of gold.

One resident, Mr Norman Machacha, said he had to call the police after several efforts to ward off artisanal miners from his residential stand failed.

“I was woken up by a loud noise and saw a group of people digging in my yard,” Machacha said. “I tried to stop them, but they threatened to beat me up. I had to call the police.”

Another resident, Mrs Mary Chiri, said her house was broken into by artisanal miners who were looking for gold.

“I was asleep when I heard a noise in the living room,” Chiri said. “I woke up and saw a group of men in my house. They told me they were looking for gold and that they would not leave until they found it.”

Chiri said the artisanal miners stole her valuables, including a television, laptop, and jewelry.

Police have since arrived on the scene and are trying to contain the situation. However, tensions remain high, with both residents and artisanal miners vowing not to back down.

The discovery of gold in Mtausi suburb has sparked a new gold rush in Gweru, with artisanal miners from all over the country flocking to the area. However, the influx of artisanal miners has also led to an increase in crime and violence.

The government has been urged to intervene and find a solution to the problem of artisanal miners invading residential areas.

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