Zim Musician Sgodo Demands Lobola Refund
6 October 2023
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In a twist, South Africa-based Zimbabwean musician Sgodo, whose real name is Alson Mandla Thebe, is demanding a full refund of his lobola (dowry) money from his in-laws following his wife’s departure from their marriage for a man of the cloth.

Sgodo, who is heartbroken over the situation, is insisting on the return of every cent he paid for his wife, Buhle Ncube, after she abruptly left him just one year into their marriage.

Trouble began when Ncube took their child and left Sgodo, relocating to live with her mother, effectively denying him access to their offspring.

The once-happy couple, who had a child together, seemed to have a promising future, but everything took a tragic turn when Ncube decided to leave Sgodo and took their child with her.

Since then, Sgodo has been embroiled in a battle to regain access to his child, but his efforts have been in vain.

Sgodo contends that his in-laws may have exploited him, insisting that when he paid lobola, it was not solely intended for the child’s upbringing. He firmly believes that the lobola he paid for Ncube should have covered the child’s expenses, absolving him of any additional financial responsibility.

Expressing his frustration and sense of deception, Sgodo is now making an unprecedented demand for a complete refund of the lobola he paid for Ncube.

He said, “My in-laws were trying to drain me financially and leave me penniless. My child should be allowed to live with my mother, who is still alive, but Ncube’s parents are against the idea.”

Adding to the drama, it has been rumored that Ncube left Sgodo for a well-known pastor residing in South Africa.

When questioned by B-Metro, Ncube defended her decision, claiming that she left Sgodo due to alleged abuse. She stated, “It is indeed true that I was in a relationship with Sgodo, it was all lovely that he went to pay lobola at my parent’s homestead and I went to live with him.”

“Trouble started three months after moving in with him that he started having extramarital affairs with several women. When I confronted him about it, he said it was his child’s mother and there was no way that he was going to lose communication with them so I left, taking my child with me.”

“After I had left the child, Sgodo started calling and insulting me, saying he wants his child back or I will bring back the money he used on lobola. So I don’t know if that is how things are done since I gave him a child and I cannot continue staying in an abusive relationship with someone who doesn’t know what he wants,” Ncube added.

Ncube asserted that she has moved on and Sgodo should do the same. She made it clear that she has no intentions of returning to a relationship with him and emphasized that Sgodo should focus on building a respectful and healthy connection with their child.

This story has sent shockwaves through the Zimbabwean community, as it raises complex questions about cultural traditions, relationships, and family dynamics. The situation continues to develop, with Sgodo steadfast in his pursuit of a lobola refund, and Ncube standing by her decision to move forward with her life.-state media