CoS FRAUD Alert: Sandra Byrne Zambezi
7 October 2023
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A notorious UK Zimbabwean woman linked to a series of dramatic fraud-related offences, Sandra Zambezi , has been accused in a CoS affiliated scam.

Sandra, whose married surname was Byrne, before her divorce, is a former convict over a staged robbery at her home in Harare. She is also known for allegedly duping her British husband in estate money leading to the man suing her for maintenance USD3,000 per month.

ZimEye was still to receive a comment from Sandra over complaints from Zimbabweans who reported her in online forums (picture).

A complaint in online forums
A previous story of Sandra Zambezi

One complainant wrote in a mix of Shona and English language alleging:
“Please beware of this lady her name is Sandra Byrne, anonyepera kunge ane company ine lisence anokuti bvisa 500 usd ye training, achikupa pressure yekupedza training kuti azokuti mari ye COS £3000 iye asina lisence, ukamubvunza why company isiri kuwanikwa pa sponser list anokutumira screen shot yekuti aka applier for license pasina kana ma days akutokuti ndakuita zve visa.”