Pokello Mnangagwa Marriage Sparks Explosive Debate
7 October 2023
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By Showbiz Reporter | The Socialite Pokello Nare’s relationship with one of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sons has ignited a fierce debate, leaving many questioning the intricacies of their union.

The controversy stems from the fact that Pokello is the stepdaughter of Ignatious Chombo, a man who faced public humiliation at the hands of President Mnangagwa following the November 2017 coup, leading to his loss of a powerful cabinet ministerial position.

Chombo, Pokello’s stepfather, was stripped of all his respect and influence due to the political upheaval. It’s worth noting that two years ago, Pokello vehemently denied a ZANU PF report that suggested she had been secretly married to one of President Mnangagwa’s sons.

However, recent reports now claim that Pokello’s parents received lobola (bride price) in 2021, adding fuel to the rumors of her marriage. When contacted by ZimEye for comment, Pokello laughed off the idea of a wedding but did not explicitly deny the possibility, leaving the situation shrouded in mystery.

Pokello Nare, known for her lavish lifestyle, including showcasing expensive cars and outfits, gained fame as a former participant on Big Brother Africa. She is also the daughter of one of Ignatius Chombo’s girlfriends. The latest twist in this saga suggests that Nare might have entered into marriage to protect her father from potential prosecution, though she has yet to address these allegations.

This development further complicates the already intricate web of marriages and intermarriages within the ZANU PF elite circles, raising questions about the motivations behind such unions and their political implications. The public awaits Pokello’s response and the resolution of this perplexing situation.