Zim Prophet Seeks To Spend Day Inside Harare Lion’s Park, One-Eyed People Not Allowed?
8 October 2023
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By A Correspondent
A Zimbabwean prophet who lives in Masvingo town, Isaac Makomichi, is said to have written an application to government asking for permission to spend a whole day inside the Harare Lion’s Park (lions den).

It is said that he is doing this so that people can see that the power of God is above everything and to fulfill what the Bible said that you will walk on top of snakes and scopions but you will not be bitten.

The prophet is known for enlarging of men’s organs, giving women love potions and giving people muti of wealth.

Many people say they were helped by Makomichi despite the fact that he is believed to be using the power of Satan to perform shocking miracles.

People are looking for a solution to their problems, many are turning to spiritual practitioners. The Bible says that in the last days there will come prophets using the power of Satan who will say the mountain move from here to here and it will happen. Due to too many of problems, people no longer care weather the power that the prophets are using comes from where, this is what caused the prophet Isaac Makomichi to be accepted by many people because he is said to be very helpful, his ability to solve people’s problems is what caused people not to look for where his power comes from…

Makomichi said those who want to witness the miracle must contact him on his number +263777469342, he also said he will address the public if he receives the green light from the officials.

Some churches leaders are asking the government not to allow Makomichi to perform what they call “the devil’s agent tactical miracle”, some are also saying he might be eaten by lions yet others says it’s the power of God.

Last month, the black magician papa Isaac Makomichi walked on water at Kariba for 11 seconds where he was scratched on the legs by a crocodile. Pastors are accusing Makomichi as a dark world agent who comes with a way to mislead people from the path of God.

Unconfirmed rumors claimed Makomichi says everyone is invited to see this miracle of spending a day chilling with lions but people with one eye are not allowed to come

“I’m going there with lots of hopes and I’m sure I will be delivered from my troubles” says Simon who lives in Beitbridge