Mike Maponga Dies
11 October 2023
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– ‘Farewell Elder Maponga, you’ve finished your race!”

Dr. Masimba Mavaza.

Mike Maponga

The Seventh Day Adventist community and all of Zimbabwe mourn the loss of one of Christ’s brave and gifted soldiers, Elder Mike Munyuki Maponga, born on November 30, 1943, who lived to the age of 80. Elder Maponga, an iconic yet humble figure, remained steadfast in his devotion to the gospel and the salvation of souls. As we bid farewell to this remarkable shepherd of our faith, let us express our gratitude, love, and appreciation for the spiritual guidance, unwavering support, and profound wisdom he shared with us throughout his tenure.

The late, Elder Mike Maponga

Elder Maponga, who hailed from a family of eleven, began his divine work at the tender age of 12, driven by his deep love for God. In 1964, at the age of 21, he married a beautiful woman, and their union was blessed with eight children: David, Seth, Rashel, Lee, Dani, Charity, Tendai, Ngoni, Closer, Tinomudaishe, Flee, and Success. Despite the heart-wrenching loss of three children – David, Lee, and Dani, as well as his wife in 2009, Elder Maponga’s unwavering commitment to God remained unshaken.

Elder Maponga’s life consistently mirrored the message he preached, which took him across Africa to share the Word of God. As we grieve his passing, we recognize that he rests, awaiting the Lord’s return. He has played a pivotal role in countless lives, guiding them to Christ, and his legacy of faith will continue to flourish in our hearts.

I first met Elder Maponga at a rally where he was a speaker, and I was immediately struck by his warmth and devotion. He exemplified a profound love for Zimbabwe and a dedicated commitment to pray for the nation and its leaders. He was a humble and sober servant of God, and his sermons continue to touch lives, leaving an enduring legacy.

When someone serves God faithfully, the church and the nation respond with love, sorrow, and blessings. Elder Maponga’s life stands out in three key areas: his preaching ministry, his life of prayer, and his unwavering faithfulness.

First, Elder Maponga was a passionate and fervent preacher, embodying a deep love for Christ, the Word of God, and the church. He upheld the uncompromised truth of the Word and never sought worldly fame or applause. He inspires us to remain faithful to the Word.

Second, he was a man of prayer, interceding for his family, friends, and congregation, dedicating hours to commune with God. His example calls us to be fervent prayer warriors for the kingdom of Christ.

Third, his life was marked by faithfulness, both to Christ and to his marriage vows. He exemplified sacrificial love and generosity, enriching the lives of many. We are encouraged to follow his path of holiness, love, and faithfulness.

In his final days, Elder Maponga upheld the grace of God, radiating peace and gratitude. His legacy calls us to continue in faithfulness and to emulate his unwavering commitment to the Word of God.

To the Maponga family, we offer our love and support. Take comfort in knowing that Elder Maponga’s ministry was a testament to his faithful service to God and the congregation. He proclaimed the truth even when it was difficult, and his legacy will forever be cherished.

Farewell, Elder Maponga, until we meet again. May God comfort the Maponga family in their time of mourning.