Chamisa must prove 11 Sept letter received 5 Oct was not fraudulently post-date or his name is mud!
13 October 2023
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By Wilbert Mukori- FOR THE RECORD: It turns out that while the attached letter sent to Parliament by Nelson Chamisa is dated 11 September 2023, it was actually sent to and received in Parliament on 5 October 2023,” wrote Professor Jonathan Moyo on his X account.

“The letter by CCC’s ‘Interim SG’ recalling some CCC MPs was sent to and received in Parliament on 3 October 2023.

“NB: Since on their receipt Parliament stamps and shares with the courier/messenger a stamped copy of such letters, having already made his letter public, it is in the public interest and would be very good for transparency for Nelson Chamisa to share a copy of his letter with Parliament’s stamp, showing the date of its delivery and receipt!”

It is a simple enough challenge but knowing Chamisa this could well be mission impossible!

Chamisa is well known for his silver-back gorilla grandstanding and posturing to make eye-catching headlines but when push comes to shove; more often than not he fallen flat on his face. 

In 2018 Chamisa challenged the presidential election results claiming that he was the winner with 2.6 million votes. He said he had all the V11 forms; the form listing all the contestants, the votes each received, spoilt ballots, etc. from each Polling Station (PS); to prove where he got the 2.6 million votes. He stubbornly refused to release V11 forms for public inspection. He was lying!

The affidavit Chamisa submitted to the Constitution Court did not have ALL the V11 forms to account for 2.6 million votes.

In an interview with a South African journalist early this year, five years later, Chamisa confessed that MDC A did not election agents in 544 of the over 10 000 PSs in 2018.  Election agents witness the whole election process from start to finish at the PS and they are entitled to a copy of the V11 form. This would explain why MDC A did not have all the V11 forms. The 544 missing V11 constitute 5% of the total and it should be remembered that Mnangagwa won those elections with a wafer thin margin of 0.8%! 

According to Douglas Mwonzora, who was a senior MDC A leader in the 2018 elections, the party did not have election agents in “over 2 000” PSs. The more PSs with no election agents the more V11 “leg room” Zanu PF would have to cheat!

It should be remember that Chamisa had not only claimed that he had all the V11 forms but had participated in the elections claiming “MDC A has stringent measures to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections!” So it turned out the party failed to take even the most basic measure as appointing election agents to all PSs!

It has emerged that CCC did not have elections agents at many PSs in the 23 August 2023 elections. History was repeating itself!

Chamisa also claimed that he had closed all the vote rigging loop-holes in the this year’s elections. It was headline news for weeks before the elections. It was all hot air, of course. 

CCC participated in these 2023 elections knowing fully well that ZEC had failed to produce something as basic as a verified voters’ roll. Without a verified voters’ roll there are more vote rigging holes than in a chunk of Swiss cheese!

It is one thing for Chamisa and his wildebeest herd CCC die-hard supporters to accuse the Zanu PF Speaker of the House, Advocate Jacob Mudenda, of political. It is a totally different matter if the accusation should be based on a fraudulent lie!

If is true that the Speaker of the House did, indeed, receive Chamisa’s letter on 5 October and therefore Chamisa had fraudulently post-dated it 11 September for purposes of deceiving the public. Then Chamisa and CCC will lose political credibility (not that he has much political credit in his account given his checked political history)! 

For the record the mess of these CCC MP recall is Chamisa’s own making. He has stubborning refused to have a party constitution, structure and elected office bearers because he wanted to retain control of everything. His so called “strategic ambiguity” has backed fired. The wildebeest herd must share the blame; they had allowed his to he his manic way.

The people of Zimbabwe must not allow themselves to be distracted by the  madness in CCC and parliament; we must let Zanu PF and CCC fight it out. We must focus on what the SADC leaders meeting in Tanzania on 31 October 2023 decide regarding the damning SADC Zimbabwe election report. 

Let us hope that SADC will up hold the damning report and deny this Zanu PF and CCC government legitimacy and thus clearing the deck for the formation of a National Transition Authority (NTA). The primary task of the NTA, like the 2008 to 2013 GNU, will be to implement the democratic reforms. 

Both Zanu PF and CCC leaders must not be included in the NTA, not if we are serious about getting ALL the reforms implemented. The two parties were in the GNU that failed to get even one token reform implemented; it would be naive, to say the least, to expect them to implement even a few reforms much less ALL the reforms.

We need to focus on getting all the democratic reforms implemented without failure!FOCUS!