Woman Turns Into A Man
14 October 2023
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Controversial Sodomy Case Unfolds in Kwekwe.

A case has emerged in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, where two men, James Mapawa (40) and Praise Mpofu (25), are facing joint charges of sodomy after an unusual turn of events. The case revolves around allegations that the two had lived together as a couple and engaged in anal sexual intercourse before a sudden fallout, leading to a police report.

The unexpected saga began when Mapawa proposed love to Mpofu in June, believing that Mpofu was a woman who was dressed and pretended to be one. They reportedly stayed together for two months as a couple, with Mapawa unaware of Mpofu’s true gender.

However, things took a dramatic turn when Mapawa claimed that he had discovered that Mpofu was male, prompting him to report the matter to the police. The charges of sodomy were subsequently brought against them.

Both Mapawa and Mpofu appeared before Kwekwe magistrate Itai Kagwere to face the sodomy charges and were released on $100,000 bail each.

In their defense, the accused have denied the allegations and are now seeking to have the charges quashed. Their lawyer, Artwel Chinamatira of Masawi and Partners, argues that the allegations are intended to embarrass Mapawa and prejudice his defense. He stated that the two had a misunderstanding over something else and never engaged in anal sexual intercourse as alleged.

Chinamatira challenged the State to present facts rather than alleged confessions, especially since the accused persons vehemently deny such confessions. The defense attorney emphasized that the burden of proving guilt rests on the State, and it should allege and prove its own case without relying on alleged utterances or reports from the accused.

Chinamatira concluded by requesting that the State’s outline be quashed, as the allegations contained within it could potentially harm the accused’s defense.

The State is yet to respond to these requests, and this controversial case continues to unfold, leaving many questions and concerns in its wake.- state media