Barnabus Chirenje Kicked Out Of House By Church Bishop
16 October 2023
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By A Correspondent | In a heartfelt appeal, Rosemary, Wadzanai Kumire, a fundraiser working with Rufaro Kaseke Activista, has initiated a humanitarian campaign to rally support for Mr. Barnabus Chirenje, a retired man in dire need of justice and assistance. Mr. Chirenje’s life has taken a distressing turn due to the alleged injustice suffered at the hands of a Church and a Bishop.

Barnabas Chirenje

Rosemary, along with Rufaro and the support of many others, is urging people from all walks of life to come together and help Mr. Chirenje reclaim his house, which he lawfully acquired in Westlea Harare. The situation has become increasingly dire, as Mr. Chirenje and his family have faced torment, horror, and cruel atrocities.

Mr. Chirenje, a former truck driver, worked tirelessly to provide for his family and secure his retirement home. Despite owning the property legally with the necessary documentation, the inhuman behavior directed at him by the Bishop in question has pushed him to the brink. His chilling account of being bullied, robbed, and beaten, allegedly orchestrated by the Church, paints a grim picture of the ordeal he and his family have endured.

Multiple attempts to resolve the matter amicably have proven fruitless, forcing Mr. Chirenje and his family to live in fear, with their lives in danger. As a result, his health and mental well-being have been severely impacted. His children are scattered, relying on well-wishers for support, while Mr. Chirenje has resorted to sleeping outside in makeshift shelters.

The campaign appeals to the public’s sense of justice and compassion, calling on citizens, sponsors, charities, and individuals to contribute to Mr. Chirenje’s cause. The hope is that by uniting and taking collective action, they can bring an end to the injustice he and his family are facing.

Rosemary and Rufaro are committed to ensuring transparency in the fundraising efforts, with a live social media event featuring Mr. Chirenje planned in the near future. All funds raised will go directly to Mr. Chirenje and his family, and they are ready to provide updates to donors on their social platforms.

This is a call to unite and support the oppressed, particularly those who are struggling to be heard. Mr. Chirenje’s plight is just one of many, and with the power of community and solidarity, the hope is to make the world a better place.

For those willing to reach out and help, you can contact Mr. Chirenje directly or Rosemary and Rufaro. The campaign has already received support from various platforms, including Simba Chikadza, who has provided guidance and a platform for updates on Mr. Chirenje’s case.

The appeal emphasizes that every bit of help matters, and it’s an opportunity for the community to come together and create positive change in the face of injustice.

For more information and to support Mr. Barnabus Chirenje, please reach out to Rufaro Kaseke, who is spearheading the GoFundMe campaign. Rosemary and Rufaro will keep donors informed via their social platforms.

Together, we can make a difference and support those who need it most. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed, provided assistance, or offered prayers and words of encouragement for Mr. Chirenje and his family. Let’s stand together to eliminate injustice and restore hope in our communities.