Chamisa’s Major Achievements Using the Bible Verse Technique
16 October 2023
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This analysis highlights several key achievements and so called, “Bible verse” tactics of Nelson Chamisa over the last 36 months:

  1. Nonviolent Overthrow of the Regime: Chamisa is credited with strategically dismantling the Patriotic Front regime’s hold on power in the Zambia-Zimbabwe geo territory without resorting to violence. This peaceful approach aligns with biblical principles of non-violence.
  2. Disarming the Patriotic Front Party: Chamisa’s leadership has helped to effectively disarm Patriotic Front party, which was involved in the Zimbabwe election rigging in 2018 through the deportation of his deputy, Tendai Biti. This achievement demonstrates his ability to bring about change through peaceful means.
  3. Strategic Timing of the 2023 Elections: Chamisa’s participation in the 2023 elections coincided with changes in the SADC regional body, where a more proactive leadership in Zambia is heading.
  4. Humiliating Brutal Politics: Chamisa’s tactics have led to a shift in political discourse, forcing President Mnangagwa to publicly acknowledge moral failures. This marks a significant departure from the past.
  5. Economic Impact of Self-Confessions: With the recent admission to rigging elections, amid so many other utterances, there is now an increase in public statements by Emmerson Mnangagwa that efficaciously disable his state power and authority. The number of confessions and revelations by Emmerson Mnangagwa that he increasingly implicates himself may lead to economic changes, potentially challenging the legitimacy of Mnangagwa’s presidency.
  6. African Continental Support: For the first time since 2008, Chamisa garnered continental support, signaling a shift in recognition and potential diplomatic pressure on Mnangagwa’s administration.
  7. Bible Verses in Journalism: Chamisa’s use of Bible verses extends to journalism, where he exposes election rigging and corrupt practices in various African countries. This method combines faith with activism.
  8. Expansive Investigative Documentary: Chamisa’s innovative approach involving Bible verses has resulted in the creation of extensive investigative documentaries on election rigging, potentially raising awareness and scrutiny.
  9. Nonviolent Resistance: Chamisa’s methodology using Bible verses makes it difficult for dictators to suppress civil society through brute force, emphasizing the power of nonviolent resistance.

While these points are presented as achievements, it’s important to note that the analysis reflects a particular perspective and may not be universally accepted. Nelson Chamisa’s impact and accomplishments are a subject of debate and can vary depending on one’s viewpoint.

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