Zimbabwe Shamelessly Sends Own Football Team To Rwanda Like Asylum Seekers
18 October 2023
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Kalimbwe Criticizes Zimbabwe’s Choice of Venue for Home Games.

By Sports Reporter | Zambian analyst Joseph Kalimbwe has expressed his strong disapproval of Zimbabwe’s decision to host their home games in Rwanda rather than utilizing a nearby stadium in Ndola, Zambia. Kalimbwe’s comments shed light on what he perceives as a puzzling and politically-motivated choice by Zimbabwe’s sports authorities.

**Kalimbwe’s Critique**

In a statement made earlier today, Kalimbwe, questioned Zimbabwe’s decision to play their home games in Rwanda, considering the close proximity of a suitable stadium in his hometown of Ndola, Zambia. He remarked, “This [in pictures] is a stadium in my hometown of Ndola there in Zambia. Why can’t Zimbabwe use this one which is 50 minutes away from Harare rather than going to play a home game in Rwanda?”

**Allegations of Political Jealousy**

Kalimbwe went on to suggest that political motives may underlie this decision, stating, “But it’s all political jealousy, it’s like one of those black people thinking scenarios where your neighbor is selling eggs, but you’d rather go buy in Shoprite because you feel your neighbor will get rich if you buy from her.” These comments seem to insinuate that Zimbabwe may be opting for an international venue to avoid benefiting their neighbor, Zambia, despite the practicality of using a closer stadium.

**Reactions and Implications**

Kalimbwe’s remarks have raised eyebrows in both the Zambian and Zimbabwean sports communities, as well as among sports enthusiasts across the region. The decision-making process behind selecting venues for international sporting events is typically based on various factors, including facilities, logistics, and sometimes political considerations.

Zimbabwean sports authorities have yet to respond to these allegations, leaving many to speculate about the real reasons behind their choice of hosting home games in Rwanda. This situation highlights the complexities and politics that can be intertwined with international sports, adding an intriguing layer to the upcoming matches for Zimbabwe’s national team.