Susan Mutami Boyfriend In US$34 Million Tender Corruption
25 October 2023
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By- Judiciary Services Commission secretary Walter Chikwana is accused of prejudicing the government US$34 million.

Express Mail Zim reports that Chikwanha, one of Susan Mutami’s boyfriends, allegedly imported a platform called Online Tracking and Virtual System from Armenia and the dodgy deal was done without following due process and wanton neglect of going for tender.

The cost incurred thus far is said to be US$ 34 million.
Express Mail Zim had sight of a leaked dossier containing scathing allegations, which also implicated Chief Justice Luke Malaba in giving Chikwana protection.
Part of the dossier that an anonymous insider authored read:
“The system imported from Armenia didn’t t go for tender and at least US$34 million has been used so far.”
It is further alleged that the system is too heavy for our internet connectivity and is suitable for 5g network.
” JSC has remote courts which do not access the internet easily, such as Mtawatawa, Kezi and so forth.
” The system needs modern 5g compatible machines JSC does not have the computers they are still using the old computers donated by Danida in 2013.”
Chikwana is also alleged to have received a ‘gift’ of a Toyota Landcruiser from Malaba to spy and ‘snitch’ on magistrates and judges so that he consolidated hegemony and total control of the judiciary.
It is further alleged that Chikwana used part of the proceeds to build a multi-million dollar school in Crowhill.
Chikwana, who hails from the Rosa area in Mashonaland Central, allegedly bought a farm in the Concession area where he has an expensive breed of Heifers.
Contents of the dossier further allege that Chikwana bought an expensive car for his confidante and IT manager, identified only as Manyenga and he is the IT Manager.
He also allegedly bought an expensive farm in Makoni West with proceeds from the stinking deal.
“Chikwana’s son Panashe has been given an office at JSC and a car and he is on salary pay roll but not an employee,” further reads the dossier.
There is a plethora of cases of sexual harassment perpetrated against female subordinates by Chikwana, some of which involved marriage wrecking.
“Chikwana has wrecked the marriage of a former Econet employee (name withheld) and promoted her to a post of Protocol Manager, she attended an interview of a receiptionist but got a higher post,” read the dossier.
Right to respond?
Chikwana was unavailable at the time of writing after relentless efforts.
-Express Mail Zim