Svikiro-for-ED’S Lightning Bolt Headed for United States Explodes In Harare | GRAPHIC
26 October 2023
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Jest in pictures: A Svikiro for ED (Witch Doctor for ED) stands confidently against a neutral background. He is adorned in traditional magician attire, but what stands out is a vibrant scarf wrapped around his neck, showcasing the colors of the Zimbabwean flag: green, yellow, red, and black with a white triangle on the left side. In his outstretched hand, he holds a bolt of electric blue lightning. The energy crackles and hums as he directs it toward a large map of the United States that’s displayed in front of him. However, instead of striking the map, the lightning bolt rebelliously curves away, refusing to make contact. The bolt then arcs back towards the magician, flying straight into his surprised face. The trajectory of the lightning bolt continues past him, stretching out behind him and pointing directly at the city of Harare, Zimbabwe. PICTURE STORY