West Group Security Champions Women Empowerment
26 October 2023
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By Business Reporter- Women play pivotal roles in our society. They are our daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers and above all, the best caregivers because of their feminine attributes.

Recognising their essential role and involving them in decision-making and solution implementation makes life simple.

One company that has embraced women with open arms is West Group Security, a subsidiary of WestProp Holdings.

The company is moving with the times and is at the forefront of giving opportunities and promoting women into positions of authority and influence.

The company, co-founded by phenomenal businesswoman and philanthropist Mrs Joanna Sharpe and ex-top-cop Dr Oliver Chibage, is well aware of women’s critical and public relations role in private sector security.

This reporter interviewed two of the 79 female security officers at West Group to understand their mood working in the private security sector, a preserve for men in years gone by.

Security Officer Makumbi Imbayago, currently number four (4) in the hierarchy, leads the womenfolk at West Group Security.

She feels so much at home in her job that she is ready to add value when the company opens a training school.

“I have qualifications as an instructor from the Air Force of Zimbabwe. I feel I have a lot to give in terms of training and instilling discipline”, she says.

She says women play an important role in security because they always employ the feminine side to relate to clients, which makes them more accessible.
“Modern security is very flexible. One however has to work within their terms of reference and interact with customers in accordance with the needs of the site and client,” she says.

Security Officer Imbayago has a diploma in ICT and other developmental qualifications attained during her 23-year stint with the Air Force of Zimbabwe.

One of the youngest officers at West Group is Patience Nyachiwowo (23), a part 3 student at the Midlands State University doing a Bachelor of Arts in Business Sciences and Management.

Patience Nyachiwowo

She joined the company in March 2021, soon after completing her Advanced Level studies at Lundi Christian College in Masvingo.

“I joined the company as a guard. I chose to be a guard because I was inspired by my uncle, who is a Zimbabwe Republic Police officer. I told myself I would want to do guard duties and rise through the ranks.

“My first guard duties were at Pokugara Town Houses and at BP Global Solutions at Joina City,” she recalls.
She says West Group Security allowed her to further her education and reassured her that she would always return to work during semester breaks.

“I am currently doing my attachment at West Group Security. I am doing business administration as part of my learning programme,” she said.

Ms Nyachiwowo feels there is enough space for women in security, and she is confident more educated women will find it attractive to be security guards.

“Security is a field for women. We fit in all departments be it on the field and in management. I am glad I am making a difference,” she said.

According to Caitlin Oelofsen, the founder of Feminine Enhanced Modern Inventions (FEM-I), a tech-start up on a mission to redefine safety for women, empowering women with leadership could bring up new security solutions.

“Equipping more female employees with the training and skills required to progress to middle management or higher management positions within the industry could lead to groundbreaking multi-perspective safety solutions whilst strengthening company culture and boosting employee morale”.

“The participation of women in security is pivotal as it provides a nexus between discord and comfort. In the advent of discord, women inspire confidence and provide harmony,” says Mrs Sharpe.