Prophet Makomichi Demands USD 1M Tithe From RBZ, Says Zimbabwean Sanctions Are Caused By Demons
27 October 2023
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For many years Zimbabwe has been subjected to targeted restrictions.

One sorcerer, Papa Isaac Makomichi of Masvingo, says economic sanctions are caused by demons and can only go when the government gives him a sum of one million tithes.

This jaadugar Isaac Makomichi is known for giving men juju to enlarge their manhood, giving women love charms to lure rich people or to rule their partners. Many people testify that their problems ended when they were helped by this black magic master who calls himself a prophet. A few months ago, this prophet (Isaac Makomichi) surprised people after he walked on water in Kariba, although some say that this was pure the work of black magic. Makomichi claimed that his juju that he uses to move mountains can be used to remove sanctions and kill enemies of the country.The prophet reportedly says the minister of finance must contact him on his number +263777469342 to process the one million tithe payment plan

Many families testify that they were helped by Makomichi so that their witch enemies died.

“He gave us a black juju powder that we called the name of my brother who was a witch owns goblins and he was killed by his own tokoloshis, I’m very certain that muthi can kill anyone who hates our country and someone who wants sanctions in our country; says one business man Mr Chidau who claimed his family got peace of mind through Makomichi’s charms.

“We know that Makomichi performs black magic and walks on water and has helped many people, but his powers cannot help our country, Makomichi does not use the power of God, he is just a wizard who uses the power of Satan to perform miracles, they are the prophets of last days who were said to move the mountain from one place to another but not from God. The government should not allow him to use his juju in such cases because the power of satan may rebel” said one respected church founder in Harare

Some political players say Zanu PF must reform so that the sanctions will be removed, they also said Makomichi must focus on charms not politics. – Own Correspondent