ZIFA Mum On Rahman Gumbo Death
13 November 2023
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Zimbabwe Football Association and National Premier Soccer League have remained silent and no word from the 2 football entities about the death of Rahman Gumbo. As for the chaotic Zifa which is curently run by NC, the so called football people to ignore or fail to issue a statement is shocking and embarrassing. If they don’t recognise the death of a football icon, a man who served and played under Zifa and worked for long as a national coach for the warriors, its clear they lack understanding of the sport. If we have really football people running the game, there should be a minute of silence in all Premier league games in Zimbabwe today.

Rahman Gumbo played for Bulawayo Wanderers later Eagles, Highlanders and became Bosso head coach after retiring playing, Sporting Lions, Caps United, Platinum FC, Chicken Inn, Bulawayo Chiefs Tell-One among others and also various teams in Malawi, Botswana and South Africa. He is the first coach and remains the only one to win league championship titles in 3 different countries. He remains the winningest coach in Highlanders history where he won 3 league titles in a row.

His strategic brilliance and a keen eye for talent helped Bosso dominate Zimbabwean football in the late 90s and in the turn of the millennium. Under his guidance, Highlanders enjoyed remarkable success, claiming multiple titles and producing numerous Zimbabwean stars. Rush’s emphasis on discipline, teamwork, and a strong work ethic has left an enduring legacy that continues to shape the program. He deserves national Hero’s status and may Zimbabwe authorities grant him one. He was a kind, funny, loveable and larger than life character who was friends to everyone he met. Rest In Power Rah

By Ezra Tshisa Sibanda #ezratshisa4life