Stop Killing Innocent Citizens, President Chamisa Tells Mnangagwa
15 November 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri

CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa has described as callous and horrendous the brutal murder of change champion Tapfumanei Masaya.

Masaya was brutally murdered by suspected Zanu PF agents in Mabvuku at the weekend.

His decomposed body had deep cuts and it is believed the assailants used machetes to attack him.

In a statement on Wednesday President condemned the grisly murder of the CCC change champion.

Read full statement below…


The callous politically motivated abduction and murder of Citizen Tapfumanei Masaya, is a tragic and ugly turn of politics in Zimbabwe.

This is a clear indication that Zimbabwe is sadly in the wrong hands and heading into a dangerous direction.

Since the 23 August 2023 stolen election, there has been an increase in cases of arrests on trumped up charges, abductions, torture, enforced disappearances, internal displacements and crimes against humanity targeted mainly at CCC MPs, Councillors, citizens, change champions and activists.

All this is happening as tactics and antics to divert attention from that stolen and sham election.

Even the bizarre choreographed recalls and drama, including the ‘sponsored’ & ‘engineered’ script and that ‘manufactured’
rebellion nonsense are all designs and schemes to camouflage the electoral theft and heist.
But they will just not succeed on this to cover their vote manipulation tracks and tricks.

Mr Mnangagwa;
Stop the terrorism and end this impunity and immunity.
Stop the abuse and manipulation of state institutions.
Stop the illegal elections.
Stop the abuse of the citizens.

Be professional,
Be for the people, the country and for the law,
Protect the citizens,
Safeguard national integrity and citizens security,
Arrest the perpetrators and criminals.

Citizens want peace but there is no peace….Give the citizens peace!!

Instead of wasting resources, over $5m dollars on illegal by elections and focusing on sideshows, let’s focus on the main show.

We must focus on addressing the disputed election, a broken nation, an ailing and failing economy, political toxicity and the deeper and bigger challenges and issues affecting our beloved nation.

My thoughts and prayers go to the family of Tapfumanei Masaya, the citizens family & all Zimbabweans at large.

May God heal our wounds and land.May The Holy Spirit comfort us all during this difficult moment.
RIP Change Champion, Citizen Tapfumanei Masaya.