War Veteran Ditches Mnangagwa For Chamisa
15 November 2023
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CCC candidate for Gutu West Parliamentary by-election held on Saturday, Ephraem Morudu has appeared at Gutu Magistrates Court facing a charge of assaulting a member of FAZ, a shadowy Zanu PF organisation operating under the CIO.

Morudu, who was declared loser of the by-election by ZEC, complained of persistent harrasment by Zanu PF, having been charged four times since he started campaigning in May this year and detained in prison on several occasions.

In one of the cases, he was accused of fondling a female FAZ member’s breast in a public place.

On Thursday, Police destroyed 600kg of beef he bought for victory celebrations in one of the wards in his constituency.

Morudu is a war veteran and a former teacher. https://twitter.com/TheMirrorMsv/status/1724117267170963766?t=VqF4jv-nmROCOGKsOfObRQ&s=19