WestProp Boss’ Vision Embodies President Mnangagwa’s Development Agenda
20 November 2023
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By Business Reporter- In a groundbreaking ceremony Monday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa inaugurated the US$100 million Millennium Park development in Borrowdale West, marking the commencement of construction for the prestigious ED Block—a luxurious 86-unit apartment complex. 

The block, named after President Mnangagwa, offers exclusive ultra-luxury penthouses, distinguishing it as a unique development in Harare. 

Under the visionary leadership of WestProp Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ken Sharpe, the company is revolutionising the real estate landscape and contributing significantly to President Mnangagwa’s development vision. 

The project encompasses a total of 1000 apartments, with 200 already completed, and will feature a comprehensive live, work, shop, and play theme, aligning with WestProp’s “Bring Dubai to Zimbabwe” initiative.

 Mr. Sharpe, who handed a symbolic gold-plated ceremonial brick, outlined the company’s ambitious goal of laying one billion bricks by 2050, a vision conceived during his three-year tenure at Harvard University in the United States. 

“Today marks a very important day in our milestone achievements. We are breaking ground for the construction of Millennium Heights Block 4 luxury apartments and we continue to move towards achieving our 0ne billion brick vision by 2050,” he said.

Emphasising President Mnangagwa’s support for businesses and investors, Mr. Sharpe expressed confidence in the multi-currency regime’s extension until 2030, further reinforcing the commitment to Zimbabwe’s development. 

“ The extension to 2030 has given us confidence and a renewed resolve to commit more resources to help develop Zimbabwe. If I may say so Mr President, this will secure your legacy to make Zimbabwe an upper middle-income country. Sevana veZimbabwe tichavaka nyika kusvika zvanaka.”

The new ED Block, almost 50 percent pre-sold, stands as Zimbabwe’s premier apartment building, featuring six levels with 86 units, ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments. 

The eco-friendly design incorporates sectional title, backup borehole water, reticulated gas, solar energy, and greywater collection. 

Notably, Blocks 3 and 4 boast vertical gardens, enhancing aesthetics and connecting residents with nature, aligning with WestProp’s commitment to sustainability. 

The development also includes sports facilities, green energy initiatives, and a focus on fostering vibrant 24-hour communities. 

Mr. Sharpe envisions a competitive urban landscape for Zimbabwe, drawing inspiration from global architectural designs seen in cities like Dubai, London, and Singapore. 

“My ambition as a loyal Zimbabwean is to bring the beauty we see elsewhere back home. The dream is to see Harare’s skyline compete with what we see in places like Dubai, London and Singapore.

“Last month I was in Kyiv Ukraine and was quite amazed at the number of new world-class skyscrapers that are being built, and if a country that is at war with Russia can do it then why can’t we?”.

With its groundbreaking features, the Millennium Park development embodies both luxury and sustainability, shaping the future of urban living in Harare.