Lawyer Duped By 5 Cops
21 November 2023
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Harare Police Officers Accused of Extortion in Bogus Sexual Abuse Case

Five Harare police officers have been hauled before the courts on charges of attempting to extort US$15,000 from a legal practitioner to drop alleged sexual abuse charges against his client. The accused officers, Lawson Muchongwe (34), Perseverence Chisango (31), Weston Muzorewa (36), Prosper Chimbumu (33), and Fredrick Moyo (34), faced charges of criminal abuse of office during their appearance before Harare magistrate Mr. Donald Ndirowei.

Each officer was granted $50,000 bail as the court began to unravel the intricate details of the alleged extortion attempt. The court heard that the five officers informed the lawyer’s client of an ongoing investigation into sexual harassment charges and insisted on meeting him. Sensing potential misconduct, the client promptly sought legal representation and arranged to meet the officers at Newlands shopping center in Harare on October 11.

During the meeting, discussions reportedly revolved around the purported sexual harassment case. Shockingly, the officers then demanded a staggering US$15,000 to drop the charges against the complainant.

Instead of complying with the extortion attempt, the client took decisive action. On October 12, he reported the incident to Harare Central Police station. Detectives from CID Homicide swiftly launched an investigation into the matter.

The subsequent inquiry revealed a disturbing truth – there was no ongoing sexual harassment case under investigation at ZRP Harare Central or any other police station involving the accused man. The extortion plot had been fabricated.

Undeterred by the deceit, the accused officers found themselves facing arrest when they attempted to collect a portion of the money they had demanded. The court proceedings now shed light on a troubling abuse of power and attempted corruption within the ranks of law enforcement.

As the case unfolds, it raises questions about the integrity of those entrusted with upholding the law, prompting a closer examination of the systems in place to prevent such abuses within the police force.