Tshabangu Files Urgent Court Application To Block Chamisa By-election MPs
21 November 2023
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By James Gwati- Sengezo Tshabangu, the self-proclaimed interim secretary general of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has taken legal action to block the participation of recalled CCC representatives in the upcoming December 9 by-elections.

Tshabangu, represented by Advocate Lewis Uriri, filed an urgent application in the High Court, arguing that the recalled members no longer hold CCC membership and should be disqualified from representing the party in the upcoming by-elections.

This move by Tshabangu has raised eyebrows within the political landscape as it appears to be a strategic attempt by Zanu PF to delete Chamisa from national politics.

However, CCC leader Nelson Chamisa’s commitment to democratic values remains unshaken as he continues to support the participation of recalled members in the electoral process, emphasising the importance of inclusivity and respecting the choices of the electorate.

Chamisa’s stance underscores his dedication to upholding democratic principles within the CCC, in stark contrast to the legal manoeuvres employed by Tshabangu to impede the democratic process.